2022 new tax rules for small business

Frequently Asked Questions About The 2022 New Tax Rules For Small Business

2022 New Tax Rule, Income Tax Rates, Deductions and Brackets For Business Owners: What You Need To Know 2022 is off and running with plenty of golden opportunities for business owners. However, you must also bear in mind the onset of the 2022 tax season which begins on Monday, January 24, 2021. Still, the 2022

payments during covid-19

How COVID-19 Will Transform Payments and Credit Card Processing in 2022

There’s no doubt that the post-COVID-19 era would be spectacular. We can expect that in 2022, roads and trains will begin to fill with life as people travel back and forth without the sense of gloom and depredation hanging over their heads. High street retailers and restaurants will also start catering to live audiences. By


How to Prepare for the Second Wave of Covid-19

All over the U.S, businesses are reopening after the long months of lockdown. Still, businesses cannot operate at full capacity as activities resume at a slow pace to life as it used to be before the global pandemic. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over as new cases and deaths are still on the

Contactless Payments

News from UK, cash payments have been overtaken by debit card

News from UK, Contactless Payments i.e. debit card transactions overtook cash payments Coming to America soon. According to the statistics which was recently released, debit card transactions overtook cash as the most frequently used payment method for the first time towards the end of last year. There was an increase of about 14% in the

New Mobile Checkout System Are being Tested by Walmart

We have heard a lot about mobile checkout operations and it gives access to anyone that has access to a smartphone as well as little willingness to sign up for a program which serves as their own checkstand. The world has now arrived about how the grand poobal of brick-and-mortar shopping Walmart is poised to


Payments Are Being Revolutionized Through Connected Screens

IoT which is known as Internet of Things has been a major point of discuss for the past few years, and there has been an evolvement in their nature of their application over time. According to Gartner’s report, the number of Iot installed will increase to 26 billion units by 2020. It has also being


How Resolution Can Be Fastened By Changing To Visa’s Chargeback Program

The chargeback of Visa Inc. is changing so as to condense the reason codes into four different categories and also amend the duration to resolve a disputed transaction and make necessary changes. According to the information which was published on Chase Paymentech website, the changes will become effective from the 15th of April due to

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