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Momentum Business Capital Reviews; Interest rates, Loan Services, and Customer Reviews of Momentum Business Capital

Having enough working capital to cover critical operating costs can be challenging. Working capital is one of the most vital components to meet the day-to-day needs of your business. This is why you might consider taking a small business loan. Here we talk about Momentum Business Capital to shed insights on a lending service that has been around for over 10 years (since 2008). 

Although they maintain a small footprint with their headquarters at 4014 Chase Ave, Ste 212, Miami Beach, Florida 33140, US, they work with businesses across the country. They are especially admired by their clients for providing complete information about each loan service before the actual sign-up. Their goal is to ensure a long-term working relationship with every business they sign up for.

But then before you can choose the right lender or small business funding services, there’s a lot more you need to consider. You need to ensure that your ideal lender is a lender with ethical business processes and will provide repayment terms and schedules that suit your unique business solution. Hence this guide will help you understand the diverse funding options that Momentum Business capital offers to small and medium-sized business owners.

Momentum Business Capital Overview

Momentum Business Capital is a prolific online lender providing diverse kinds of business loans including lines of credit, working capital, short-term loans, medium-term loans, SBA loans, equipment loans, invoice financing, and other asset-based funding solutions. They aren’t just there for small businesses but for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Momentum Business Capital also acts as a loan broker for accessing the Small Business Administration scheme and other government-oriented loan programs.

Momentum Business Capital provides unique funding options for businesses less than 2 years with a bad credit score. So, you can reach out to them for financing for new equipment, financing our accounts receivable and inventory, and working capital for your startup.

Nevertheless, it’s important not to confuse this financial organization for others like Momentum Capital Funding or Momentum Funding.

Nonetheless, Momentum Business Capital is known for its swift loan approval process and convenient service. Their customer service is also reportedly friendly and informative giving the company an excellent reputation.

Momentum Business Capital loans are fast and helpful for diverse businesses. That said, their loans can be a bit expensive with fixed interest rates for certain unique circumstances. However, the rate offered will depend on your business strength. You can also access repayment terms anywhere from 3 months to 84 months.

Which businesses can access loans and working capital from momentum business capital

1.     Start-ups

Start-ups less than 2 years can access working capital solutions from Momentum Business Capital. However, Momentum Business Capital does not advertise the extent of their application process that start-ups might go through. Even so, they are a lot less stringent than traditional banks. But your personal credit score might influence the amount and loan repayment term. Typically, your credit score should be above 680.

2.     Established businesses

Existing businesses can access business working capital loans swiftly. As long as your business is above two years, you might get approved within 2 years, with excellent rates and repayment schedule. Funding is available for brands from local family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

3.     Businesses with poor credit

One thing that makes Momentum Business Capital stand out is that they also provide funding options for businesses with bad credit. This provides a unique way to rebuild your credit and access the money you won’t be able to get from traditional financial institutions.

4.     Government and municipal agencies

Government institutions can also apply for loans through Momentum Business Capital with guaranteed approval. This includes government entities such as armed services, public schools, police departments, federal government agencies, and libraries.   

A snapshot of Momentum Business Capital reviews

One thing we love about Momentum Business Capital is that every new relationship begins with a dedicated funding specialist. The goal is to ensure you have someone that walks you through their process and guides you on the contents of your contract. That way, when you finally sign up with them, you do so from a standpoint of total awareness. Lots of customers love this strategy and combined with the fact that they don’t pressure you into using their financial service. You can always reach out to them for your free, no-obligation analysis of your financial needs, to understand your options even when you are not ready to move forward.

Momentum Business Capital services: pros & cons


  • Quick and easy application process. 24 hours approval time for up to $250,000
  • Swift access to funds if approved.
  • Multiple financing options are available.
  • Funding options also available for businesses with poor credit
  • Borrower qualifications are lower than traditional banks
  • Flexible collaterals
  • Suitable for building business credit
  • Financing available in states across the US
  • Knowledgeable support staff.
  • Straight-forward costs


  • Interest rates can be expensive
  • Most loans come with a fixed-fee structure which means early repayment will not save interest.
  • Startups less than 2 years might require a few days to get their loan approval process done.
  • Most loans may require some form of collateral
  • Some funds may require frequent daily or weekly repayments
  • Some funding options require business lien and personal credit score and guarantee
  • The website does not offer full details on expected interest rates and fees. However, their support staff can provide the appropriate information tailored to your unique business.

Services offered by Momentum Business Capital

Momentum Cash Advance Business Loans

Short-term business loans for working capital

You will love that Momentum Business capital provides short-term loans suitable for businesses that need money fast and can pay back in just a few months. Momentum Business capital short-term loans come with a 3-18 months repayment schedule that depends on your busines