Updated on January 8, 2022

How does Bestofcategoryreviews.com make money?

So you might wonder how we really make money. The reality is that we make money using the affiliate marketing model. But then, we ensure to form strategic partnerships with only top-rated service providers, bringing you only superior solutions. This guarantees we can earn our commissions in a fair and balanced approach while keeping our readers happy. So we typically form partnerships with companies we have already reviewed favorably. That way, the partnership would not influence our content. We strive to ensure that all past, current, and future partnerships will never influence our reviews and ratings.
We may also make money through concerning site placement, we aim to make mutually beneficial arrangements with companies we already rate higher. These vendors may have also paid us to put them out front and center. But still, the ratings and reviews we actually write will not be influenced by that placement in any way. This also means that we will not list or post a vendor where they would not have already appeared. All around, this ensures we give great service providers and software more exposure. We know that the reader will likely click on the vendor you see first. Hence our strategic partners may be willing to pay for a great placement but we will never award a prominent placement to a vendor that does not already deserve it.

A third way we earn money is via native advertisements. Hence from time to time, you might find ads in the sidebar or pop-ups on your screen. These ads are just paid advertisements and will not influence our website’s content.
We can also earn through email marketing campaigns we run especially when financed by a specific high-rated vendor. In this case, they pay for exposure to our reader base. But they cannot influence our ratings, reviews, and content about them.

How do you remain unbiased while receiving referral commissions?

Besides the first review we publish about POS software companies, merchant account providers, and business software providers, we also constantly update our ratings to reflect whether their standards are going higher or lower. So, you can rest easy that our reviews are always updated.
That said, the commissions we earn through referrals depend solely on you, our readers. We want to ensure you choose the appropriate software and service providers and continue to use those products and services. We know that although pushing shady companies to you might earn a quick buck, it never results in a stable and sustainable income. We realize that when our readers suffer, our reputation suffers and beyond that, the vendors that depend on us also suffer as well. This is because a single shady review can cast a cloud of doubt on how other vendors we recommend are perceived by the public. Again, it’s important to note that negative reviews from our website can also help companies make the appropriate changes to improve their products and services. So we know that it is also our responsibility to help vendors improve their products and services and bring only the best experience to our readers.
We’d Love to Hear from You
We would love to hear from you at any time. You can reach out to us with your feedback, on whether you agree or disagree with any of our content. We‘d love to always hear your perspective and would love to be informed at any time if we are doing anything wrong. We take great pride to deliver honest, unbiased, and informative content to you at no cost. You are not also obligated to purchase any service or work with any vendor through our referral links. If you also have any insights to share on how we can provide more value to you without, do reach out to us at any time via email. Our core values and mission have remained the same from the onset, and we plan to keep it that way. We believe that strict adherence to our values and mission is the reason we have achieved tremendous traction and growth from day one. So even as the internet is polluted with fake reviews and content, we strive to be that breath of fresh air by standing out from the crowd. We guarantee that Bestofcategoryreviews.com will always deliver the most accurate, genuine, and unbiased content.

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