Updated on January 16, 2022

Affiliate Partnerships

Should you ever believe every content you find on the internet? Absolutely not. The internet is a vast source of free information that a great many are rehashed, shallow, untrue and photoshopped. And of course, one such you will find out there are fake reviews. Writing fake testimonials and positive reviews is easy and extremely common. All over the internet, you can find these positive review content created solely for the exchange of compensation. Studies show that on average 4% of all online reviews are fake. This creates a problem for you when trying to figure out the best tools, processes, and services suitable for your unique business environment.
At Bestofcategoryreviews.com, we are actively fighting against fake online reviews. This is why we pride ourselves on our transparency, integrity, and honesty. These values influence, inspire and drive every content we share on our website. Hence, we strive to deliver highly informative, unbiased, and accurate content that our readers deserve. That said, our website is reader-supported. And so when you purchase the small business software and services we recommend, we earn an affiliate commission.
Do we write reviews for pay? Absolutely Not!

We never write positive reviews in exchange for any compensation. When approached by a vendor with such an offer, – cash or other incentives – the answer is simple – we will never accept such a deal. In the same light, our editorial team and partnership team operate independently. So the contents published by our editorial team are entirely independent and our writers are never paid on commission or allowed to receive any form of compensation from the vendors they write about. Our editorial team is paid the appropriate wages and encouraged to always carry out rigorous and thorough research to ensure that our contents are nothing but the truth.
It is our goal to remain unbiased and we adamantly refuse to do anything to jeopardize the integrity of our website. If ever a vendor receives 5 out of 5 stars, on our website, it’s a product of hours of in-depth research by our writers. Hence, our writers have complete autonomy over the product reviews they create and they do not have to defer to anyone in our company when rating a service provider, tool, software, or credit card processing service. View our contact page if you would like to leave any feedback.

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