google pay app

Welcome Google Pay and Say Bye to Android Pay

As we have recently reported, Google is bringing all its various payment tools which are under the Google Pay brand together. However, the Android Pay app stuck with its existing brand. That is changing today with the launch of Google pay app for Androids. With this, Google is providing an update to Android pay and

biggest subway system

Mobile Payments Can Now Be Used On the Biggest Subway System

The morning commute can be slow, regardless of how you make it. For those using public transportation, there are several merit and demerit which you have to consider. The Shanghai subway system which is the biggest subway system on earth has made a great step by adding a convenience to the trip. The addition was

Accept card payments

Surcharge Laws vs. Cash Discount for Merchants

The Washington laws in New York as well as nine other states which prohibit merchants from the surcharge on credit cards but usually allow cash discounts had caused confusion in the Supreme Court during a debate which ranged from price regulation and free speech to pastrami sandwiches as well as children’s lemonade stands. The challenges


2018 Best Retail Credit Card Processing

2018 Best Retail Credit Card Processing Retail businesses are still doing well in the twenty-first century despite the fact that eCommerce is very popular. There is need for customers to go to shop to get their groceries, take their car to a mechanic to change the oil and also go out to a restaurant for

Holiday Fraud

10 Different Ways You Can Avoid Holiday Fraud

With the holiday approaching at a faster pace, it is sure that fraudsters are also planning on ways by which they are going to conduct holiday fraud this season. That implies that this is the right time for merchants to prepare for ways by which they can fight such fraudsters. The loss from online retail

Credit Card Processing

The State Of Credit Card Processing Industry In 2017

Despite the many payment options which are available to customers nowadays, credit card is still the leading payment method. In fact according to the consumer payment study which was conducted in 2016, this was the first time credit card lead as the most preferred way of making payment, thereby replacing debit as the number-one choice


The Biggest Threat On Identity Fraud

The common saying that practice make perfect is applicable to various things, and fraudsters are also getting better at what they do. According to the report given by the latest edition of the PYMNTS Global Fraud Index – after a short lull post-EMV in the U.S., when there is a reduction in fraudulent activity but

Goggle Is Planning To Leverage Its Numerous Credit Card Credentials For Mobile

Very soon Goggle aims at giving merchants access to several credit card credentials in its database in order to hasten customer checkout for mobile as well as online payments. A Google executive earlier said this week the company is not competing with payment card network. This new service is called Pay With Google, and could

Cashless Society

Visa Digital Chief Predicts A Cashless And Cardless Society In The Future

Visa Digital Chief Predicts A Cashless And Cardless Society In The Future By all means, Visa Inc. seems to be working very well. The San Francisco financial giant did far better than Mastercard who is their main competitor, in all aspect ranging from payment volume to total transactions and issuing of cards. Last year, Visa

MasterCard 2 Series

MasterCard 2 Series – Are You Risking A Fine?

Because several U.S merchant see no immediate threat from counterfeit card fraud, they are still holding against EMV and business goes on. But they might all be forced to upgrade due to the obvious change in payment card acceptance. This year MasterCard has expanded to new 2-series card account numbers, Due to this fact some

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