Best Restaurant Merchant Account Providers

Updated on November 22, 2021

With the razor thin margins a restaurant operates on, it’s important to get the best deal possible for your merchant account rates and payment technology. Every restaurants payment needs are different and many times it must be customized for inventory, management, the wait staff, kitchen and bar to achieve a smooth, efficient service flow and check-out process.

Advances in technology make it easier for restaurants to make their POS systems mobile and totally avoid the traditional expensive POS systems. For example the iPad POS helps you track inventory, has analytics to show you what’s selling best and what’s not selling, gives you the percentage of particular items that were sold and even sales by hour so you know the best hours to be open and when you need to be fully staffed. You can stay connected to your restaurant business when you’re away through any mobile device. These mobile platforms can also help you obtain valuable customer information to increase loyalty, giving you a better bottom line. One of the new trends is pay-at-the-table technology and you may want to ask our providers to see if the service would be right for your restaurant. Although this is a fairly new concept, it’s starting to catch on and will only become more popular once customers get a taste of how quick and easy it is. Another benefit of pay-at-the-table is waiters can input orders on a smartphone and send it right to the kitchen faster than you can say one thousand one at 4G speed.

Whether you’re looking for the traditional POS, iPad POS, mobile payments, EMV/NFC standalone terminals, or just the best deal you can possibly get for your rates and fees, we’ve researched and found the best merchant accounts providers that are ideal for the restaurant industry. These payment providers have received the Best of Category Award and have all of the products, services and features that can help your restaurant thrive. All of our restaurant payment provider’s offer interchange pricing, have state-of-the-art security and multiple payment options for your business with dedicated teams standing by ready to help. If you’re a new restaurant start-up or an experienced restaurateur, our providers have your back.

Check out our restaurant merchant account providers below and we recommend you get several different quotes, compare and verify any system or software integration before making a decision.

Best U.S. Restaurant Merchant Account Providers

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Best Restaurant Merchant Account Providers

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BluePay’s restaurant merchant account allows you to focus on the food, service and customers to help increase your bottom line and level of service. Transferring restaurant tabs, adding gratuity, synchronizing your front-end equipment with back-end management and accounting programs is part of an everyday scenario for their restaurant customers. BluePay is ready and able to integrate your existing POS or help you with multiple restaurant solutions such as AppSuite, a mobile solution that allows you to reward customers based on their buying habits, Next Gen Dine, a nationwide cloud-based mobile POS on iPad that gives your wait staff the ability to take orders at the table or bar and send them instantly to the right station while taking payments at the table. A restaurant favorite is BigTree, an online ordering and business platform and ReWip, an all-in-one complete solution for restaurant and quick serve that allows customers to connect with patrons in exciting new ways. BluePay has all of the technology and products to help your restaurant get to the next level and offers low cost interchange pricing and takes extra precautions to ensure your customer’s card data is secure. BluePay is a Best of Category Award Winner and has an A+ BBB rating.

To learn more, visit the BluePay Website or read the complete review.


Dharma is the preferred merchant provider for many restaurants offering transparent low cost interchange pricing with no annual fees, monthly minimums or early termination fees. Dharma uses the First Data platform when integrating or reprogramming existing POS systems and offers all of the latest technology to help your restaurant excel. The iPad POS ShopKeep, a customer favorite which includes everything you need to run your restaurant for just $49 per month, also referred to as “business in a box” has features like check splitting, tableside service, customer marketing, inventory and staff management, and integrates with QuickBooks just to name a few. For EMV/NFC compliant terminals they offer both the PAX s80 and the PAX s90 with an integrated PINpad for pay-at-the-table wireless technology. Dharma has several reviews sites listing them as one of the best merchant account providers available and is a Best of Category Award Winner as well. When researching their A+ BBB rating we noticed there has been only one complaint since 2007. Pretty impressive.

To learn more, visit the Dharma Website or read the complete review.


Leap Payments is a preferred provider for restaurant merchant accounts and allows you to process payments at the table or counter giving you more flexibility with world-class security measures. They offer simple integration with existing POS and also offer traditional POS systems like micros and pcAmerica. Leap has partnered with many iPad POS systems and Android tablet systems. Their customers first attitude will help guide you to obtain the best system that fits your individual restaurant needs. For the iPad POS, they work with NCR SILVER, talech, Breadcrumb, Ambur, LAVU and Revel systems, giving you all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need. If you’re looking for a more simple solution or standalone terminals, they offer the latest EMV chip-card capable machines so you can either process credit and debit cards with the traditional magnetic stripe or accept chip-cards as well. If you prefer no signature required, Leap offers Quick Pay Service when processing transactions under $25. You process payments the same way, but no signature is required giving your customers faster payments and convenience and no new equipment is required. Leap Payments also offers next day funding, low-cost interchange pricing, gift cards, server ID’s, no junk fees, and an amazing “Lifetime Rate Lock” to assure your rates don’t increase after the initial signup. By coupling the Best of Category Award along with an A+ BBB rating we recommend you get a quote from this company when considering which provider is right for your restaurant.

To learn more, visit the Leap Payments Website or read the complete review.


Payline Data is one of the preferred payment providers for many types of businesses including restaurants. With rave reviews and transparent interchange pricing, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better provider. Payline Data is a Best of Category Award Winner with an A+ BBB rating and also donates 10% of every transaction to charitable and non-profit organizations giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that your transactions are part of the equation. Payline’s restaurant merchant account can provide you with existing integration or all of the latest technology with the restaurant in mind. They equip their restaurant merchants with EMV capable terminals ahead of the EMV liability shift to assure they have the most secure equipment to comply with the new EMV industry regulation. Payline offers simple transparent interchange pricing: The first is the Simple plan for 5K or less and has a $5 monthly fee, interchange plus 0.50% with $0.10 transaction fee. The second is the Pro plan for merchants processing over 5k and has a $20 monthly fee, interchange plus 0.20% with $0.10 transaction fee. Terminals and restaurant favorites are NCR Silver and their iPad POS, which both allow you to create loyalty programs, manage employees and multiple locations from anywhere you happen to be. No contracts or early termination fee let you know they’re customer oriented.

To learn more, visit the Payline Data Website or read the complete review.

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