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Giving Back Every Time a Merchant Processes a Credit Card……Gregory Bair

I became familiar with Payline Data, which has a most interesting feature of providing fund raising to non-profit organizations and pleased to share this information with you.

Payline Data is a comprehensive credit card processing services company that donates 10% of its revenue from each of its accounts to a charitable organization. Non Profit Organization. What is very special is that the merchant, Payline’s customer, gets to pick the Non Profit. So it is very win-win-win for everyone, the merchant, the Non Profit Organization, and Payline Data. Companies get to connect with their community with this innovative Payline Giving program.

Payline provides an almost revolutionary method to impact charitable, non-profit organizations around the globe. So, if “values” and “principles” such as giving back, helping others, improving the world, and fund raising are in a company’s vision, mission, and purpose, then Payline Data is a company to strongly consider.

Taking advantage of this 10% giving adds no cost to the merchant or company using services from Payline Data.


Payline Data is known as one of the largest companies in the Merchant Services Industry. With their financial and business acumen, they are able to process over 33.3 billion transactions for over 240,000 merchant accounts.

Is a registered Independent Sales Organization/Merchant Services Provider (ISO/MSP) of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio. Their headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Payline Data gives merchants honest, simple, and fair pricing. There are no application fees. There are no contracts. There are no cancellation fees. There are no hidden downgrade fees. They guarantee the lowest rates. They have multiple solutions with numerous features. They offer free 1099 K Reporting.

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Products and Services

Our products and services are used by Non-Profits, Charities, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, B2B Sales, Hospitality, Small Businesses, E-Commerce Stores, Restaurants, Bars, and Financial Institutions.  Companies in the Service Industry and Government Agencies also use Payline Data products and services.

 Payline Data is “full service” which means the merchant and business that is thinking about credit cards and debit cards has many, many, many choices.

Payline Data has solutions for probably every situation you can imagine.  Merchants and businesses can use their existing systems or they can get into the newer systems and methods, whatever is best for their situation.  Here are the many, many options that merchants have when they choose Payline Data:

Omni Commerce Products – gives customers tremendous flexibility and freedom to select the correct solution for them

  • Product bundles with great product selection and a merchant account
  • Cutting Edge EMV Terminals
  • Providing Merchant Accounts
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Mobile Payments – use your cell phone as a secure POS terminal – mobile and wireless processing
  • Apple Pay
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Check Guarantee
  • Credit Card Machines /Credit Card Terminals and Accessories
  • Pin Pads
  • Fundraising and Charitable Donations
  • Terminals
  • Online Credit Card
  • Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • E-Commerce
  • Card Not Present (CNP)
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Countertop Terminals
  • Printers
  • PCI Compliance Services
  • Equipment is from every major manufacturer
  • Our efficient and trusted distribution center ships most of the orders
  • Highest level of security
  • A Complete Line of Processing Products
  • Innovative Flint Mobile Solution

Equipment can be purchased as a one-time, upfront purchase, or the customer can sign a service agreement and get the equipment free, although there is a stiff cancellation fee.

 Raising Money for Charities

Payline’s method of fund raising for non-profit organizations is very powerful.  Here’s an interesting statistic:  Donations through Payline Data are about $4,800 per year, whereas average individual donations to charities nationwide totaled just under $2,000.

The program is easy.  Payline Giving donates a minimum of 10% of the commission fees each month after a business owner chooses Payline to provide their merchant processing services.  There is no additional cost to the business AND the business gets to make a donation to a nonprofit or charity of their choice.  In a day and age when non-profit charities need to do more, this program meets a tremendous need.

In order to take advantage of this program, create an account and become a registered Nonprofit Partner.  Just click the link and sign up.  Then, choose this membership level:  “Nonprofit/Charity.”  After that, you will need to provide some information about your Non-Profit Organization and after that we will confirm your organization’s 501(c) status.

We also have some online tools for our nonprofit partners – to improve ease of use, productivity, and promotion.

This program provides consistent funding for the non-profit.  It is not reliant on insurance policies.  It is not reliant on the condition of the economy.

The program increases visibility for the merchant and for the non-profit.  It is a real winner.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Payline Data has a fantastic program that provides safe and secure mobile processing.  The first thing to know is that Payline has the lowest rates in the industry for this service.  It’s all quite very easy.  Payline’s Mobile Payments program converts your cell phone into a secure Point of Sale (POS) terminal.  Is this limited to just a few phones?  Heck no.  Payline enables all the major brands.  The merchant can use an iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, or Blackberry.  This enables the merchant to have a secure, easy to use, and efficient process where they can process electronic transactions on their mobile phone.  This means the merchant, the business owner or business representative can be out in the field and is able to process payments.  Immediate.  Fast.  No need to drive back to the office, type up an invoice, and then mail that invoice.

It can be 10:00 p.m. at a customer’s home where the air conditioner was fixed.  At 10:05 p.m., the service person can handle that payment from the happy customer.

And, when the merchant uses Payline Data’s card reader, the merchant can also qualify for the best rates available.

Flint Mobile Solution

This is a feature rich app for smartphone users.  Currently, it is available in the United States for iPhone and Android users.  Flint supports U.S. based Visa and MasterCard branded card transactions and does not currently support deposits to pre-paid card accounts.

It offers secure credit card payment processing, along with mobile invoicing.  No extra hardware or merchant account is needed.  There is no need to carry around a separate device for card swiping.  Here’s how it works.  There’s a scan area, so you position the card number in that area so that you can verify the card information.  All transactions are encrypted for maximum security.  A card reader is not needed.  Images are not stored on the phone.  The transaction fees are low.  People can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What phone type is the app compatible with?  Android devices need to be Android 4.0 or higher, which includes, for example:  HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and LG Nexus 4.  The following iPhone are compatible:  3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C with iOS 5.1 or higher.

Flint provides a reliable, secure platform that is integrated with leading financial services companies.   Private data is protected according to industry standards and encryption is used for all connections.  In other words, merchants and users can expect maximum security. The Flint app securely scans just the main card number. No card data or images are stored on the phone. Standard card verification info and a touch screen signature are required to complete transactions

With Flint, you can use your phone to create and send custom invoices.  Customers can then pay their bill from their smartphone or computer.  With Flint, you can their feature of digital records, keep track of credit and debit card transaction data, and sell items online and receive secure payments from customers.  Flint also works with QuickBooks Online; which is an extremely productivity improvement practice.

Deposits are automatically transferred to your bank account within 1-2 business days of the transaction.  All you need to do is to enter your bank account details into your Flint profile.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal from Payline gives merchants tremendous flexibility.  It supports multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH.  The Virtual Terminal allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world from web-enabled devices.  It is fast and efficient.

Merchants can use encrypted card readers for added security.

Merchants can use check scanning devices, so they can accept and process multiple checks.  This helps them prevent expensive mistakes associated with typos.  This also opens up the door to make more money.

Merchants can set up a “Customer Vault” for highly sensitive customer data, which can be used for future or recurring billing situations.

These secure card readers allow merchants to accept card present transactions and receive discounted processing rates.

Payline Data Supports Apple Pay

Apple has announced its entry into the mobile payments arena with “Apple Pay.”  Apple Pay is a new payment method.  Payline Data supports this new payment method, Apple Pay.  Before long, Payline Data will give details about implementation and adoption of this new method of mobile payments.

There is no additional cost for this new “mobile wallet payment solution.”  Apple Pay will actually receive “card present” Interchange card rates rather than “card not present”

Will there be fees for users and merchants?  Apple Pay fees will not be charged to users, merchants or developers.

Although not yet in writing, it is likely that Apple will collect a fee for each Apple Pay transaction.  The fee will be paid from card issuing banks.  To repeat, there will no additional cost to merchants or consumers. .

As many of you know, there is a EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) compliance deadline in October, 2015.  Many industry analysts believe that the EMV compliance deadline will speed up the upgrade and adoption of of NFC/EMV enabled terminals, which in turn may speed up the adoption of Apple Pay in the retail industry.

Rates and Fees

Payline has customer-friendly policies.  Merchants are happy to work with them.  They will disclose all important terms, rates, and fees.  They are very above board.

Payline Data offers flexible pricing structures.

Before we give you the scoop on the rates and fees, it is important to remember that everytime one of your customers uses its card with you, you are actually providing support to a non-profit charitable organization.  This feature comes at No Additional Cost.  It’s how PayLine Data does business.  Period.  End of story.

If you are shopping for a credit card processing solution, please know that Payline Data will match any terminal fee for less than what you might be offered. So, Payline a call to get more details about this.

Payline states this: “We guarantee you will get the best price and if we can’t beat your current rates, we will pay you $500.”

No obligation quotes.

No application fees.

Payline Data offers the best rates in the industry. They want you to contact them so that you can select the best program to meet your needs.

Payline’s pricing is based on several factors. One, what is the type of credit card your customers pay with?  Two, what is the average ticket amount?  Three, pricing is also based on your volume.



  • Interexchange +0.5% (Interexchange Plus)
  • $0.10 per transaction
  • $5.00 per month
  • Pro
    • Interexchange +0.2% (Interexchange Plus)
    • $0.10 per transaction
    • $20.00 per month

Customer Education – Concise Lesson on Rates

There are three major areas to understand:  interchange rates, assessments fees, and processor costs.

Interchange Rates are a percentage of the volume for each credit card transaction.

Assessment Fees are a flat transaction fee added to each transaction. For example, fees that are associated with Visa/MasterCard and so forth.

Processor Costs. These are the fees that credit card processors charge for their services.

Are any of these fees negotiable?  Interchange rates and Assessment Fees are non-negotiable.  These fees are set by the Issuing Banks which are the banks that issued the card to the customer.  These rates and fees are the same for all businesses.  If the business is in Florida, Michigan, or California, they pay the same rates and fees.  It does not matter which processor (merchant account provider) the merchant chooses; these rates are the same.

What are the variable costs in all of this?  The variable costs are the Processor Costs.  These costs vary from provider to provider.

Do you want to know more about this?  Please give Payline Data call.  It is their commitment to educating their merchants so they can be empowered to make the right decision for their business needs.

Customer Education – PCI Compliance

The purpose of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance rules is to make sure that merchants do not keep credit card numbers.  The whole point of this is to prevent the theft of credit card numbers.  New merchants using credit card payments should learn all they can about this because they want to avoid complaints that are hurtful to their customers and to their own business reputation.  Customers considering Payline Data should telephone customer service to learn what they need to know about PCI Compliance.  It can be a bit complicated but the customer service people at Payline can demystify it.

Contract Terms

With Payline Data, there are no contracts.  Merchants have no application fees, no cancellation fees, and no hidden downgrade fees.

Customer Service

Payline Data wants their customers and their prospective customers to call them.

Customer Service is provided 24/7 by live, in-house staff.

The staff is extremely well-trained about the types of businesses that their customers own and manage.  The staff is also well trained on all the equipment that is sold.

The staff has a “Customer First” attitude

The staff can also handle questions, and provide customer education on such things as:  programming, integration, and the best techniques for deploying the equipment.

Technical Support

Payline Data provides excellent technical support.

Customers can telephone in 24/7 to get technical support with programming, best techniques for deploying the equipment, and integration of systems.

Payline solutions are “developer friendly.”  They support API which means easy integration.  Payline solutions integrate with many, many gateways.

One area in particular that is a challenge is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.  It’s an ever-evolving subject that has a degree of complexity.  It is not an easy subject because things keep changing.  Payline Data can help you understand PCI compliance and encourages its customers to become familiar with the PCI Compliance Guide, a wonderfully written education resource.  This guide is relevant to so many readers, including retail merchants, Independent Sales Organizations, processors, hosts, acquiring banks, shopping carts, e-commerce merchants, and even other merchant service providers.  The key is that Payline Data wants everyone to be educated and aware of this important subject … because it helps the industry as a whole.

Reviews / Testimonials

Payline Data earns great ratings.  For example, they have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and they are rated “A+” by www.cardpaymentoptions.com a leading organization in the card payment space.

 I can honestly use the term “excellent” with regard to your business because you have greatly exceeded my expectations with your professionalism and integrity.

 Payline is all that they say… The switch of our machine and addition of an online gateway was simple and easy; we are saving on fees, and they give a portion of their fees to a charity of our choice.

 Thanks for the assistance with regard to the issue that I contacted you about. I would like to take an opportunity to provide appreciation for your business (Payline Data). Payline is the third electronic payment company that we have dealt with as a business and is by far superior to the other two entities …

 I thought it was time I dropped you a line just to say “thank you.” We’ve been with you guys long enough for me to feel good about the decision!  We’re saving money, and everything’s been smooth sailing. Thanks for working with me all those months ago to earn our trust.

 The service that Payline offers is excellent and they have the cheapest rates around. The Payline Giving program isn’t offered by anyone else, and it’s great to see a company who cares about giving back to charitable organizations. It was a no brainer for my business to switch to Payline. Talk to Payline today and ask about switching your business to too.

 Payline was able to significantly reduce my costs. My company saves over 40% each month on our credit card fees. We also have been able to integrate with Quick Books very easily and it is not any more work than it was before. Plus I actually get paid a lot faster now than I did with Intuit Quickbooks. I highly recommend that others look at what Payline Data is doing and give them a chance like I did. They won’t regret it.

 Payline is all that they say… The switch of our machine and addition of an online gateway was simple and easy; we are saving in processing fees, and they give a portion of their fees to a charity of our choice. …Remarkable.

Thank you, Payline.

 As business owners, the solutions offered by the Payline Data team has far exceeded our expectations. Previous companies we have used for credit card processing provided very poor customer service. Switching our service to Payline was easy. When we have had questions, the customer support has been friendly and helpful. We would also recommend their credit card processing services to any other company.


Complaints were not identified for this organization and do not influence the final analysis of the author.


Pricing is good, customer service is good.

And every merchant of Payline Data can select a charity from Payline’s list.  10% of the processing revenue from that account is donated to the non-profit charitable organization.

As a merchant, you can work with Payline Data to raise money for charitable non-profit organization partners.

As a merchant, you will be building good will and helping people and our world.

Payline Data is also strongly involved with “all the technology” that is in the field.  This means that a customer can be confident that they will be advised by an “up to date” company that will be capable of serving customers as new technology unfolds.