Updated on November 22, 2021

ShopKeep Offers Payment Processing that Complements Merchant Hardware and Software.

The modern eCommerce and entrepreneurial market is saturated with choices in regards to merchant processing companies. Many payment processors are working hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. This can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but nothing is more attractive than a unique payment processor who is trustworthy and client-focused.

ShopKeep is a complete POS Software company that also offers payment processing as an add-on. This makes the Company more valuable than any other choice, since merchants will not have to work around their existing CRM program to incorporate their payment processor. The Company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is a credible, reliable, reasonable payment processing company.


ShopKeep is a hardware and software company that also provides an integrated merchant processing service. Located in New York, New York, the Company emphasizes ease of access and meeting the needs of the consumer. In the business since 2008, ShopKeep was accredited in 2011 by the Better Business Bureau for the length of time in operation, complaint volume for a merchant of its size, response to complaints, and resolution of all complaints filed against the business. The Company website is www.shopkeep.com and is attractively designed and current.

ShopKeep is relatively new to the payment processing, since it started as a partner that provided hardware and software to work in tandem with quality payment processing. ShopKeep is more like a customer relationship management (CRM) provider – its app generates reports, keeps track of inventory, and tracks employees. Recently the Company introduced ShopKeep Payments, to directly process payments for merchants.

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Mobile Apps

Merchants are increasingly relying on Mobile Apps to process payments. Whether that means a card reader added to a cell-phone or tablet, or a specifically designed register that acts as a mobile device, the modern world of pay options is rapidly changing. Customers expect ease of access and new payment options. The use of a cell phone via Apple Pay, Paypal or even the Bitcoin to make payments instead of a credit card is more and more common.

ShopKeep incorporates the mobile world into all of its products and services, and designed a payment processing program to directly meet the needs of merchants who use Mobile apps within their business. Every transaction can be tracked remotely with the aid of the Pocket App. Payroll, inventory and company profit reports are available to help managers and CEOs save time and money.


The Register:

  • Mobile
  • Customizable
  • Tap to add items or modify order
  • Takes cash, credit, mobile payments or combination
  • Gift Cards
  • Tips
  • Print or email receipts
  • Syncs with all other registers
  • Real-time Reports


  • Fully integrated processing
  • Ability to choose other processor and work with ShopKeep as just a CRM provider


  • Keeps track of inventory
  • Creates lists of best-sellers
  • Track costs and profit margins
  • Organize by department, category, supplier
  • Scan items to add to inventory
  • Keep track remotely

Staff Management:

  • Payroll
  • Clock in and out
  • Hours listed within app
  • Staff sale reports
  • Track business peak times

Customer Marketing

  • Grow email list
  • Customize email receipts
  • Track top customers
  • BackOffice – Track social profiles
  • MailChimp – sync email list for email campaigns
  • Gift Cards


  • Hourly reports
  • Every transaction listed
  • Total sales, net sales, etc.
  • Shift reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Pocket App


  • MailChimp
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • AppCard

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Hardware and Software Requirements

ShopKeep Retail Kit with White Vault (1)ShopKeep offers free setup and troubleshooting for all of their hardware. They also guarantee a warranty up to 1-year. The Company offers a variety of hardware options.

All of their hardware is priced separately or in bundles. Bundles range from $809 to $7,592. All hardware and software works on the Apple system. The register specially encrypts all information to be stored remotely on the cloud, and claims to be impenetrable to fraud. The registers are also backed with 24/7 support and have free returns and exchanges.

These kind of systems are also incredibly easy to use, and can be learned at a greater speed than traditional registers.

Rates, Fees and Contract Terms

Since ShopKeep is not just a payment processor, the rates and fees for its services are separated. For 1 register a month it is $69, regardless of whether a merchant employs the Company to process payments. The fee covers all of the other features, including all reports, inventory, etc.  The specific payment processing service claims to also be monthly, with no cancellation fee. Exact rates and fees are not listed, as it depends on the merchant.

Customer Service and Tech Support

ShopKeep’s customer service and technical support have been criticized for not responding clearly, which led to some negative unforeseen circumstances for the merchant. While all complaints filed on the Better Business Bureau website have been resolved, 1 was on billing and collection issues and the other 4 were directly related to the product and/or service. One review still listed accused tech support of ignoring and/or not returning calls. In regard to service, these complaints appear to have been rectified.

In contrast, agents with ShopKeep are professional and appear to operate honestly and efficiently. No complaints have been filed against them regarding inaccuracy of contracts or services.


BBB has 1 currently listed complaint for ShopKeep, and only 5 were posted and closed since being accredited with BBB.

Positive Reviews

There are no positive reviews posted on the BBB website, however here are some verifiable testimonials we found:

“Simplicity, low startup cost, no contract. I wish you would have given me a space for additional comments! I want you to know that ShopKeep is appealing because it feels solid – and though simple, very well thought out. I have had other expensive POS systems in my other store that were glitchy, so all the bells and whistles meant nothing.”

— Cincy, Sensia

“Very easy to use. Love that it is run through the iPad. Love that the sales can be tracked on a phone as well. What a great customer service!”

— Tetyana, Tetyana Naturals

“Before ShopKeep, we couldn’t even look and see what we sold yesterday, let alone last year. ShopKeep gives us our product mix, sales by item, and lets me know exactly what we need to focus on selling more of.”

— Frank, Breukelen Coffee House

“My bar has used ShopKeep for years. And now that they can hold checks/tabs, it has become ‘perfect.’ I would recommend this system to anyone.”

— Robert, Fubar

“The reporting features have helped me to reign in overspending on inventory reorders. I now order just enough to keep product on the shelf for two weeks at a time since I place orders with distributors every two weeks. My customers love getting their receipts emailed too. Thanks for making such a great POS program, ShopKeep!”

— Christine, Entrepreneur

I knew that we loved ShopKeep when we called in with a unique request and tech support responded ‘we’ll be happy to try to write the code for you’. That is when I realized your customer service is a cut above the rest. Any business owner can relate to your ability to listen to your customers.”

— Brad, Taquitoria

“I’ve had people who also use ShopKeep come in and we rave about it together. And then they say, ‘It’s great because they pick up the phone, right?’. Something as simple as that level of customer service is great.”

— Sandra, The Red Hook Winery


A wonderful and progressive company that shows a real passion for helping small businesses succeed and invests a lot into the professional development of its employees. Excellent compensation and benefits, a collaborative workplace, and a fun culture created by a close-knit team of great people.

Closing Thoughts

ShopKeep appears to be a reliable, focused CRM service and payment processor. Their innovative incorporation of Mobile apps and hardware, in tandem with a quality, reliable processing service set the Company apart from other merchant processors. Knowing that your processor also knows everything about your register and software is comforting for any merchant. Keeping in mind all of the reports and analytics that ShopKeep makes available at any time to its customers, it’s no wonder that it remains free of most complaints.

With a competent sales team, experienced customer service, and increasingly knowledgeable technical services, ShopKeep is a natural fit for most merchants who need a fully integrated payment service. Call them today!