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Dharma Merchant Services is consistently rated among the best for 100% transparency, honest and fair pricing. We give them our 5 star approval as the best overall processor in U.S.

Dera Joseph | Jan 6, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

Dharma Merchant Services Review 2022; Pricing, Features, Fees, Positive Reviews and Complaints

Staff at Dharma Merchant Services

As a small business owner, choosing the best merchant service provider is vital to effectively processing card payments. However, making the best choice means considering the amount of fees, ease of use, robust features among others. One such merchant service provider and credit card payments solution you might consider is Dharma Merchant services. Dharma Merchant Service was founded in 2007 by Authorize.net former Senior Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Marcous, and his daughter, Alexia Marcous. 

The brand is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, and a certified B corporation, which means they have a very strong dedication to social and environmental causes.

Dharma merchant service actually stands out from the crowd as one of the best merchant services and overall payment processors for small business owners. This is because they have a remarkable commitment to honest and fair practices with low fees and equally robust customer service. With Dharma merchant service, there’s a huge chance of saving up to 40% in processing costs because of their low fees and interchange-pricing model.

Nevertheless, like other merchant payments solutions, Dharma merchant services aren’t for everyone. You want to choose the best merchant service provider that meets the needs of your business. So in this Dharma merchant services review, we will look at the Dharma merchant services reviews, PCI compliance fees, dharma merchant services fees, and other unique features of using this payment processing solution.

What is Dharma Merchant Services?

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Dharma Merchant Services is a merchant service provider and 3rd-party processor. As a merchant service provider, they help you process credit card transactions which include in-store transactions, online payments and lots more. Like other merchant account service providers, Dharma merchant service offers access to POS terminals, online credit card transaction processing solutions, and credit card machines.

What makes Dharma merchant services stand out is their transparency from day one. There will be no scrupulous sales tactics, and ‘freebies’ to get you hooked before delivering unattainable fees.

You also have a free full-disclosure rate from the onset. Dharma merchant services also requires no application fees, PCI compliance fees, AVS fees, setup fees, early termination fees, and lots more. They are also incredibly flexible as they don’t have any proprietary software and hardware thereby giving you the room to work with any credit terminal or POS solution of your choice. Dharma will also guide you towards making the best purchase if you are buying one for the first time.

You will also love their access to a robust suite of integrations to run your business flawlessly. What’s more, Dharma offers one of the lowest processing fees. So in the end, you’ve got a superb small business software solution that is fair and predictable.

Who Should Use Dharma Merchant Services?

Dharma Merchant services is an excellent choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially if you process a higher transactions of $10,000 or more on a monthly basis. They offer one of the lowest interchange-plus rates available that brands from small mom-and-pops to mid-sized businesses would love. Here’s a breakdown of small businesses that would enjoy using dharma merchant solutions:

  • Virtual and online brands: If you are a small-time brand or e-commerce business owner looking to create a virtual storefront, Dharma merchant services give you one of the lowest fees.
  • Startups: Startups can also enjoy Dharma merchant services without paying any monthly fees and with fixed transaction rates. That way, even with just $50 revenue monthly, you can start enjoying this merchant service. If you think you won’t be processing many credit cards, Square may be a better option.
  • Established nonprofits: Dharma merchant service providers ensure that established nonprofits receive the best rates they won’t find with other credit card processors. That way you can collect donations and contributions through your website and crowdfunding pages without hassles. You can add a quick ‘donate now’ button on your website that allows you to take donations easily. Non-profits will also have access to an app for recurring billing, e-commerce integrations with their favorite gateways or online shopping carts, mobile apps, and lots more. What’s more Dharma partners with 4aGoodCause to provide non-profits with CRM and web solutions so they can successfully raise money online. However, these organizations must process up to $10,000 monthly.
  • Restaurants and quick-serve brands: These businesses will also enjoy low credit card processing rates with 24 hours customer support. Dharma also provides robust integrations with many hospitality software which restaurants and quick-serve businesses will love.
  • Healthcare and medical: Healthcare and medical brands (e.g rehab clinics, walk-in clinics, speech therapists, hospitals, EMS, etc) would especially love that Dharma merchant service supports almost all kinds of medical record systems, patient billing systems, and lots more. This ensures that all healthcare payments will be handled according to the strictest regulations (e.g HIPAA).
  • Business to business establishments: B2B merchants can use this credit card solution with a dedicated MX merchant B2B app. You will enjoy level 2/3 interchange reductions with mouthwatering high-volume discounts. Businesses will also enjoy withdrawals within 24 hours. Merchants processing over $6,500 can enjoy lower interchange rates which get lower with an increase in processing volume.
  • Small business & retail: Small business and retail businesses will especially enjoy Dharma’s interchange-plus pricing alongside credit card swipe terminals, customer support, managing payment links, and support for a broad range of POS systems. Also additional features you will enjoy include a mobile app and virtual for keyed-in transactions, and an online ‘Pay Invoice Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button to your website.

In the same way, Dharma merchant services may not be the ideal option for merchants that don’t process up to $10,000 a month. Dharma also no longer accepts high-risk businesses.

One thing you might find fascinating is that Dharma merchant services are a socially conscious business. So they work with local sustainable and socially responsible minority-owned vendors and supplies alongside women-owned businesses. What’s more, they have also donated more than $7,500,000 to diverse charities. So if this aligns with your sustainability goals, Dharma merchant services might be the right partner.

A Snapshot of Dharma Merchant Services Review

The best thing we love about Dharma Merchant services is their dedication to honesty and transparency. It’s one reason they offer interchange-plus pricing which is a sweet spot better than the tiered pricing model offered by many other merchant account providers. With this interchange-plus pricing model, you can quickly see and track your fees with immense savings as well.

Another reason we love after carefully reviewing Dharma merchant service is their strict application process. For one thing, it might seem to be both a benefit and a drawback. This is because businesses that would love to get started immediately may be put out by the fact that they have to wait up to 3 days to get their new merchant account setup. But this is because of the stringent approval process that ensures that once you are in, the chances of a frozen account (except in cases of fraud) will be minimal.  So it’s highly beneficial to you.

Dharma Merchant service also offers features such as encryption and tokenization which helps to mitigate fraud. You will also receive free PCI-compliant software with your plan so your business can meet PCI standards with ease. Dharma also offers a questionnaire that helps you gain PCI compliance.

We also love that Dharma merchant services do not also use unscrupulous sales tactics to get customers on board. You will never pay any more than your contract stipulates for just monthly fees and transaction charges. There are no little fees that add up into exorbitant bills.

Finally, their customer service is top-notch. Besides 24/7 technical support, they have a dedicated team of customer service professionals to address any issues you have at any time.

Pros and Cons of Using Dharma Merchant Credit Card Processing Solution


  • Suitable credit card payment solution for businesses in some high-risk industries
  • 24/7 robust customer service
  • Free PCI-compliant software with additional fraud protection tools
  • No PCI compliance or batch fees
  • No early termination fees or faulty advertisements
  • Free virtual terminal and mobile processing app
  • Next-day funding
  • Free MX merchant account
  • Low interchange-plus pricing
  • Businesses that process over $100,000 can even have transaction fees as low as 0.1% +5 cents plus interchange.
  • Flexible to choose all the systems you use
  • Simple and easy to use platform
  • Dharma merchant service gives you a merchant account that supports all major debit and credit cards, mobile payments, and ACH bank transfers
  • Dharma merch