Updated on January 19, 2022

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Dharma Merchant Services is consistently rated among the best for 100% transparency, honest and fair pricing. We give them our 5 star approval as the best overall processor in U.S.

Dera Joseph | Jan 6, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

Dharma Merchant Services Review 2022; Pricing, Features, Fees, Positive Reviews and Complaints

Staff at Dharma Merchant Services

As a small business owner, choosing the best merchant service provider is vital to effectively processing card payments. However, making the best choice means considering the amount of fees, ease of use, robust features among others. One such merchant service provider and credit card payments solution you might consider is Dharma Merchant services. Dharma Merchant Service was founded in 2007 by Authorize.net former Senior Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Marcous, and his daughter, Alexia Marcous. 

The brand is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, and a certified B corporation, which means they have a very strong dedication to social and environmental causes.

Dharma merchant service actually stands out from the crowd as one of the best merchant services and overall payment processors for small business owners. This is because they have a remarkable commitment to honest and fair practices with low fees and equally robust customer service. With Dharma merchant service, there’s a huge chance of saving up to 40% in processing costs because of their low fees and interchange-pricing model.

Nevertheless, like other merchant payments solutions, Dharma merchant services aren’t for everyone. You want to choose the best merchant service provider that meets the needs of your business. So in this Dharma merchant services review, we will look at the Dharma merchant services reviews, PCI compliance fees, dharma merchant services fees, and other unique features of using this payment processing solution.

What is Dharma Merchant Services?

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Dharma Merchant Services is a merchant service provider and 3rd-party processor. As a merchant service provider, they help you process credit card transactions which include in-store transactions, online payments and lots more. Like other merchant account service providers, Dharma merchant service offers access to POS terminals, online credit card transaction processing solutions, and credit card machines.

What makes Dharma merchant services stand out is their transparency from day one. There will be no scrupulous sales tactics, and ‘freebies’ to get you hooked before delivering unatt