Best Merchant Account in 2017

Updated on November 22, 2021

Over the last decade plastic money has gained rapid popularity. From only a handful of merchant account companies in the early 2000s to the wide array of processors available now, credit card processing has truly come a long way. Since there is a wide range of choices available, it is important to choose with caution and care. A good credit card processing company will give you uninterrupted service at decent prices. It should have a transparent policy when it comes to pricing and services. Since yours as well as your client’s confidential information is at stake here, security is the most important concern. Hence, it is crucial to choose only the right merchant account processor for your business. Here are the top choices for Best Merchant Account in 2017.

Dharma Merchant Services

Best Merchant AccountKnown for its excellent support and transparency, Dharma Merchant services undoubtedly has earned its spot on the top of the list. It has interchange-plus pricing, which is available at extremely affordable rates. Their business tactics are ethical and hence they never bind their customers in any long term contracts. You do not have to pay any early termination fee, setup fee, annual fee or monthly minimum. You are also provided EMV and Apple Pay certified equipment at reasonably low prices. Another proof of their complete transparency lies in the fact that they tell their customers the price of their credit card machines and terminals right away. You have the freedom to lease or buy.

Authorize.Net is their primary gateway provider, but you are free to integrate other gateways of your choice. You can get easy account updates via DocuSign electronic signatures. Last, but not the least, their customer services are unparalleled. From an extensive archive of online support and training videos to help a client through all kinds of queries to 24X7 helpline with trained professionals, Dharma Merchant Services have gone above and beyond to ensure nothing but the very best client service. They also donate 50% to charity. From service to fair pricing to their contribution to the society, they indeed are a living proof of their motto “Commerce with compassion”.


Best Merchant AccountIt is an exceptional provider with quite a bit of experience. For your payment gateway you can use Quantum or Authorize. Net for free. They do not charge you any account set-up fee, early termination fee, PCI compliance fee. They do not even have any monthly minimum restriction. CDGcommerce offers you a flexible payment rate where you purchase it for a base price and then you choose and pay only for the services you need. Their customer service does a good job in resolving any issues or complaints that a client might have. There have even been instances when the CEO has stepped up to address the complaints that clients have. Unfortunately, its mobile reader is not EMV capable. But the biggest issue here is that it is available only to US based merchants as of now.

Payline Data

From mobile to in-store transactions, Payline Data provides the whole range of package which is extremely beneficial for small businesses. Their pricing is not only affordable but also easy to comprehend. Their range of services is very suitable for low range services as well. For the regular in-store credit card transactions, Payline also has a variety of EMV-compliant credit card terminals to offer. They are offering their clients a virtual terminal. Along with that, you can also get a USB-connected device using which you can process credit card transactions from any computer with a working internet.

Payline offers a number of bundle plans which makes it easier to afford a number of different services at a cheaper price. You can utilize their monthly contracts which ensure that you don’t have to pay any termination fee. It also integrates Apple Pay and other mobile wallets, making it a versatile choice.

Choosing the right merchant account processor is a crucial decision as the security of yours as well as your customer’s money is in the hands of your processor. Hence, do not compromise in quality or security. Now that you know the top merchant account processors which are dominating the market with their service and pricing, as well as what you can get from them, make an informed decision.

Square, Best Choice
for Low Volume
Credit Card Processing

Starting at 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.