Balanced Payments Shutting Down Operations

Updated on November 22, 2021

balanced payments

March 13, Balanced Payments released information they would be shutting down operations in 90 days. Their API dashboard will be available until June 11, 2015 and will be fighting chargebacks through October 9, 2015. Co-founder and CEO Matin Tamizi states “we haven’t been able to reach the escape velocity necessary to be a large, innovative, independent player in the payments space and have decided not to continue building Balanced”.

Like any respectful company, Balance knows the importance of helping their customers migrate to a new merchant service provider and is offering customers a Stripe option, which has a similar business model. BCR also works with many award winning providers and is probably best suited for those that aren’t interested in migrating to the Stripe model.

BCR, or has reviews, sites, and quotes for every category including: Retail, Mobile, E-commerce, MOTO, High Risk and Loyalty to help you make an easy decision and transition. One of our providers has even set up a special consultation team that can help review your business and help you choose the right service. Sometimes finding the right service provider is difficult and we hope to help you with a smooth transition.

To learn more about the special consultation team set up for Balanced customers, visit:

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