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Durango Merchant Services Review; Features, Pricing, Positive reviews and Complaints

Dera Joseph | Jan 9, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

review of durango merchant services

This Durango merchant services review discusses the robust suite of features and services offered by this payment services provider. However, like every other merchant service, Durango isn’t for everyone. But there is an ardent need to choose the proper credit card processing solution to meet the needs of your customers. Studies show that in the U.S alone, accepting credit cards with a merchant account can raise your potential sales by an average of 75 million U.S. customers.

Analysts of the industry have estimated that 90% of consumers use a credit or debit card when purchasing products and services online. So accepting personal and business credit cards is a must. Sadly choosing the best merchant service is no walk in the park. You need to consider if it’s suitable for your brand, the rates, and fees you might pay, the features and services they offer among other critical information. Durango has been in the business since 1999 with a clientele of over 10,000 merchants. Durango Merchant Services is also located in Durango, Colorado. They also have an excellent reputation when it comes to how they serve their customers. But then, there’s more to the picture. In this guide we will consider Durango merchant service pricing, their many customer reviews, features, Durango services among others.

What is Durango Merchant Services?

Durango Merchant Services is a world-class merchant processing group which focuses their efforts on both high-risk and traditional merchant processing needs. Although they specialize in providing services for merchants who have difficulty finding a processing company, they also focus on granting a greater service to merchants needing a traditional account.

Durango has an excellent reputation for customer service.  Their system of customer service assigns each merchant an account with a dedicated sales manager for the life of the account, who can navigate the complex matrix of credit card and eCheck processing of payments. Every sales manager has an average of ten years of payment processing experience.

Besides their robust customer service, Durango brings to you features such as multi-currency and international merchant accounts, chargeback, ACH check processing, wireless mobile payments among others.

Who Should Use Durango Merchant Services?

As said earlier, Durango merchant services is a popular choice for high-risk businesses. High-risk brands are often businesses that sell products/ or render services that might fall in the gray areas of the law. But then, many merchants do not even realize that they are high-risk even as they are running honest businesses.

Chances are you have been rejected by one merchant account provider or the other, so there’s a great chance you will be accepted by Durango Merchant Services.

Here’s a list of businesses that should choose Durango Merchant services:

1.    High-risk businesses

Businesses may be considered high risk based on two conditions; high risk of financial failure or high-risk industry type. The first condition deals with the ability of the company to drive sustainably and the second condition has to do with ethical, safety, and health concerns. Other reasons a brand would be considered high-risk are the high level of chargebacks and high sales volumes. These two conditions are prescribed to low-risk brands having difficulties mitigating chargebacks. Overall, some common high-risk businesses include telemarketing, escort services, adult services, gambling, gaming, wellness supplements, CBD, booking and travel agencies, e-cig brands, collection agencies, bitcoin/forex trading, and lots more.

2.    Businesses with terminated merchant account

Perhaps, your business was considered low risk in the past but due to certain mishaps got blacklisted by diverse acquiring banks and included in the Terminal Match File (TMF). Durango Merchant services can work with you to get you unblocked and approved by acquiring banks in their network.

3.    Businesses require a high level of chargeback and fraud protection

If your brand has higher potentials of dealing with fraudulent transactions resulting in numerous chargebacks, you need a high-risk merchant provider that would offer diverse fraud protection tools to mitigate fraudulent chargebacks before they happen.

4.    E-commerce brands with a need for multi-currency support

If you are an online business in the US and would love to accept multiple currencies, then choose Durango services. Durango is a registered ISO in Europe and offers international merchant accounts with fraud prevention services. They provide a shopping proprietary cart and e-commerce gateway technology that comes with features that allow you to accept diverse currencies. Merchants across the United Kingdom, Canada, Panama, and most European Union countries can also access these accounts.

5.    Businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments

If your brand accepts some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and lots more, Durango merchant service will support you with in-store, online and invoicing solutions.

Even merchants with bad credit scores can be accepted by Durango.

Alternatively, businesses looking for free merchant account providers and traditional small businesses may choose to use other merchant account providers. If you are a startup, Durango isn’t the best option, a better choice would be Square. Also if you are a high-risk business that requires an age-verification tool, you should consider PaymentCloud as Durango does not support such a function.

A Snapshot of our Durango Merchant Services Review

Usually, payment service providers that specialize in high-risk merchant accounts offer the most outrageous rates and fees alongside other unsavory stipulations. This is where Durango Merchant service stands out as a remarkably dedicated partner ready to support and assist (not punish) high-risk merchants. You will also love their suite of tools and pristine transparency.

Durango Merchant services do not also require that you pay any setup fees or any unscrupulous hidden fees. From the many reviews we evaluated, it’s quite clear the company offers the most decent rates for high-risk merchants and we did not find any reviews about horrible contract terms.

Durango Merchant Service Review: Pros and Cons


  • Swift approval process with expert guidance every step of the way.
  • Dedicated 24/ account manager support.
  • Free quote and custom pricing.
  • Plug and play tools such as shopping carts, and ‘pay now’ buttons.
  • Zero setup and signup fees.
  • A wide array of security features to protect you from fraudulent transactions
  • Allows merchants to accept international payments
  • No early termination fees in most cases
  • Some merchants can access the interchange-plus pricing model.
  • Decent chargeback fees.
  • Works with most POS hardware
  • 24-hour funding.


  • No support for age-verification tools
  • No pricing disclosures on their website.
  • Some e-commerce tools are expensive

Business Products and Services by Durango Merchant Services

Durango Services

Durango Merchant Services operates in varying ways to meet consumer demand. Each set of features, tools, and services will depend on your business needs among other things.

Merchant accounts (host merchant services)

First off, it’s important to realize that Durango merchant services is a processor and therefore registered with acquiring banks that will hold your funds. Presently, Durango is a registered ISO of American Express and BMO Harris Bank NA. They also have other acquiring banks and processors that will cater to your host merchant services. So your approval rate and contractual terms will depend on how you are paired with.

Credit Card Processing

Durango Merchant services offer a variety of software features for credit card processing. With Durango, you can accept debit and credit cards, e-check, cryptocurrency, and ACH payments. Durango also allows you to enjoy support for electronic invoicing and recurring billing. You will also love that it includes a mobile reader and payment app for mobile payment processing, alongside fraud protection tools, CVV rule matching, payer authentication, iSpy Fraud among others.

Fraud Protection

Durango Merchant Services feels very strongly about fraud protection. It is imperative for all merchants, but even more so for those merchants categorized as high risk. If a transaction is deemed fraudulent, the merchant takes the loss on both the cost of the goods or services and from a processor penalty. If more than 1% of sales results in chargebacks, the merchant’s account is terminated, which can force a merchant out of business. The merchant may even be placed on the TMF list, preventing them from procuring any account, even high risk.  These laws are in place for the protection of customers, not the merchants. The merchant must protect their business from fraud.

Durango offers fraud protection to their merchants using MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, Fraud Scrubbing, and dCheck Demand Draft. You will also access iSpyFraud which is a utility for discerning legitimate transactions from fraudulent ones. Certify PCI is another tool for ensuring you are dealing with qualified businesses. Beyond that, you have Payer Authentication for verifying the authenticity of payers. Durango also allows you to use Check21 processing instead of electronic checks or ACH. The Check21 provides a 10-day window (instead of 6 months like ACH and eCheck) where customers must prove that fraud occurred thereby protecting you and your funds.

Ecommerce payment gateway (Durango PayTM))

Ecommerce brands would love the variety of features available to take your e-commerce business to new horizons. You will access a customer vault to store credit card details securely without the huge expenses of PCI compliance. You will also love the ability to batch process multiple transactions at the same time, alongside a gateway emulator that enables you to switch from your current gateway to Durango PayTM.

Beyond that Durango offers integration with API-based options for developers, alongside third-party shopping carts and their very own proprietary DurangoCartTM for e-commerce merchants without coding skills.

Durango also includes a virtual terminal that enables customers to send payments from anywhere using an internet connection, alongside access to your payment processing tools from the platform. Durango supports fraud management using Watchdog allows you to set filters and rules and detect suspicious transactions before authorization.

Mobile payments

Durango Merchant Services supports a wide range of mobile devices from iPhone to Android and even Blackberry. They also support the iPad. All these occur through Durango’s third-party iP