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Payment cloud reviews; Features, Pricing, Review, and Comparisons

Dera Joseph | Jan 13, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

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Choosing the best credit card processing solution means comparing diverse processors against one another and then the needs of your business. If your business is a high-risk business, then it means you have a unique set of challenges. One such processor you may come across is PaymentCloud. PaymentCloud began in 2015 as a very small merchant service company with the vision to cater to brands that other merchant service providers may reject. In October 2020, Payment cloud acquired majority shares for Paysley contactless technology thereby bringing a new dimension to it’s payment processing capabilities. With the acquisition, businesses can now utilize custom QR codes, handle recurring rent payments, text message payment requests, fundraising, and donations among others.

In this post, we will assess diverse payment cloud reviews alongside the features and solutions offered by this merchant service provider to help you choose the best processing company for your needs. In this guide we will look at payment cloud pricing, fees and rates, alongside the many benefits and drawbacks of using this payment processing solution.

What Is PaymentCloud?

PaymentCloud is a US-based 3rd-party payment processor that offers payment processing solutions to mail order/telephone order (MOTO), e-commerce and generally high-risk businesses. High risk businesses are businesses that do not conform to the usual standards set by banks.

This means that these businesses may be involved in selling tobacco, CBD and hemp, online vape and e-cig businesses, fire-arms and ammunition, adult, credit repair, dropshipping, workout and nutritional supplements, hunting and outdoor equipment.

Your business can also be considered ‘high-risk’ if your credit score is low even when your industry isn’t considered high risk.  Other reasons your business can also be regarded as slightly higher risk is if a huge number of transactions you accept involve card-not-present. This is because of the higher chances of card fraud and is the main reason why a good number of e-Commerce and MOTO transactions have higher processing rates than card-present transactions.

Sadily, there are many merchant service providers ready to take advantage of the many vulnerabilities of these industries to lock them into stringent contracts with high rates and fees. This is where Payment Cloud stands out. With Payment Cloud, you can enjoy a more realistic set-up. Even so, Payment Cloud can be used by lower-risk businesses alongside brick-and-mortar establishments.

So we can say that Paymentcloud provides virtual terminals, point-of-sale systems, chargeback prevention tools, and lots more to both mid and high-risk businesses efficiently.

What Businesses Can Use Paymentcloud?

payment cloud reviews

Payment cloud can be used by both low-risk and high-risk merchants. But it’s a better choice for high-risk merchants. This category includes

  • Brick-and mortar businesses, small businesses and mid-sized businesses selling particular items
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses, small businesses and mid-sized businesses with higher card-not-present transactions
  • E-commerce business,
  • and subscription-style brands.

Some of these high risk industries can be broken down into adult websites, credit card repair businesses, dropshipping, CBD and hemp brands, online vape and e-cig businesses, fire-arms and ammunition, workout and nutritional supplements, hunting and outdoor equipment, debt consolidators among others. Don’t forget that the high-risk industry is always shifting. So what’s not covered today might be covered in future.  Therefore, you should always consult with Payment Cloud to find out if they now offer payment processing to your industry.

A Snapshot Of Our Paymentcloud Reviews

A careful look at the features, positive reviews and negative reviews about Payment cloud reveals that they do care about the businesses they provide services to. This is because Payment cloud emphasizes on offering a ‘white glove’ customer service to their merchants regardless of the industry or business size. So no matter the size of your account, you will have a dedicated account manager.

You will also love that you will enjoy a full suite of ACH, e-check, credit card processing and fraud tools for almost every business type. Again, it’s vital for businesses to realize that like many other payment processors, payment cloud services is not a direct processor. This means they also work with credit card associations (e.g acquiring banks) alongside merchant service providers. Again as a high-risk processor, they will work with multiple acquiring banks and provide solutions based on your risk profile.

Payment cloud pricing is actually quote based and varies from business to another. So there is no advertisement by the company on their fees and rates. That said, payment cloud pricing appears decent since there are no complaints or negative reviews about their rates and fees. It’s also worthy to note that Payment cloud’s reliability is also augmented by the fact that Stripe refers many of its declined (high-risk) clients directly to PaymentCloud.

Payment Cloud Reviews; Pros and Cons


  • PaymentCloud is an excellent option for any business that cannot find another merchant service provider willing to offer decent rates regardless of the amount of risks they carry. If you have been turned down by other merchant account providers, paymentcloud is a great choice.
  • Paymentcloud also offers a superb phone and email customer service with professionals to help whenever you need them
  • Your application, and set-up will be handled free of charge. So with Paymentcloud you can fill up their online application, view the possible price you will pay without actually becoming obligated to take the next steps.
  • Payment cloud does not require any cancellation fees and will not lock you into any long-term contract.
  • Approval rate is a very decent for a high risk payment processor. However, do realize that if your risk level is overly high, there’s a decent chance approval might take several weeks.
  • Payment Cloud also offers next-day payments which is fantastic.


  • Perhaps the biggest downside is the lack of transparency with the price you pay for using this credit card processing solution. You have to reach out to the company, provide information about your business to receive details on pricing. Sure payment cloud isn’t the only quote-based company, but there have been many payment processors taking advantage and offering unfavorable pricing. That said, the payment cloud is very outspoken about ensuring that only the best and decent rates are offered.
  • Does accept international businesses but may not provide all the features and solutions you need with it’s integrations. If you are an international business, you might consider contacting your payment gateways first.
  • You might have some difficulty finding your way around the Payment cloud website because their setup is a bit confusing.

Payment Cloud Pricing

PaymentCloud offers wholesale rates but they don’t offer a pre-determined pricing list for businesses which can be both a plus and a negative. This means your rates will be tailored to your business needs as they vary greatly from one business to the next depending on your risk level.

However, you won’t pay any set-up or startup fees, application fees or cancellation fees. Beyond that there are no merchant complaints about the fees and rates that Payment Cloud services charges. So you can expect decent fees. So overall, your payment cloud pricing will depend on your processing history, chargeback rate, risk profile, and sales volume. Don’t also forget that it is common for high-risk businesses to pay more higher-per transaction fees than standard-risk merchants.

Concerning termination fees,  Payment Cloud claims to never have early termination fees. But like we would always advise with every payment processor, read every fine print. Some really high-risk merchants may still incur long-term contracts.

What Merchant Account Features and Services Does PaymentCloud Provide?

Payment cloud is known for their wide suite of hardware and software solutions for diverse businesses. Businesses can a