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Payline Data Reviews: Payline Data Review, Features, Pricing, Comparisons & Complaints

reviews of payline data

When searching for the best credit card payment solution, you might come across Payline data services. Payline Data is a payment processor based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and known for its hassle-free upfront interchange-plus payment pricing structure. Payline is also a Pineapple Payments company, so you can expect superb payment solutions tailored to diverse business environments. You don’t have to worry about contractual fees, cancellation fees, setup, or application fees. There are also no hidden fees and they guarantee the lowest rates. Another reason Payline Data is a popular choice is that it donates 10% of its profits to providing funding for diverse non-profit organizations.

Payline is also a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and acts as a financial service platform for huge clients and an aggregator for small clients. This means they cover a lot of customer ground. It’s no wonder they handle over 33.3 billion transactions for over 240,000 merchant accounts, making them one of the most popular payment processors in the U.S.

They also offer free 1099K reporting which is now a necessity in 2022 for freelancers, independent contractors, small business owners, e-commerce merchants (including eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sellers). However, there’s a lot more you must consider before selecting your ideal payment processor.

In this Payline data review, we will talk about Payline data’s fees, payline data login, payline phone number, and entire customer service. To access payline data reviews, we will also evaluate numerous customer reviews including positive and negative reviews about Payline data to help you get a clearer and unbiased picture of what you get from Payline Data.

Payline data review overview – Payline definition

The first thing you need to know in this payline data reviews page is that Payline operates as a front-end processor. This means Payline Data would work on your behalf to process all credit, debit, online, ACH payments, and lots more. What’s more, it also means that they connect you to credit card networks, and handle the authorization and settlement services for your merchant account. Beyond this typical definition of a front-end processor, they also provide diverse solutions depending on the nature of your business and the channels you use. Generally, there are solutions for in-store, online and mobile payments, non-profit, franchises, high-risk merchants, enterprise businesses, and healthcare services.  You can also expect other features such as invoicing, automated clearing house (ACH) payments, and point-of-sale systems as well.

A snapshot of payline data reviews

At its core, the best thing about Payline data is its highly responsive customer support and fair prices. Lots of positive customer reviews also talk about their easy-to-use payment software solutions that are beginner-friendly.  Some customers especially talk about their extensive support for diverse mobile payment channels including Apple Pay, Android, and Samsung Pay. There are also no setup fees, cancellation fees, or early termination fees which makes Payline data one of the best out there. Another reason Payline data stands out as one of the best payment service providers is that they don’t use pushy or confusing marketing tactics. Their website and representatives are entirely professional and transparent.

Overall, they present a decent reputation in terms of features, software, and hardware solutions. But we always recommend reading the fine print and calculating the actual processing fees you will pay within your unique business environment before selecting any payment processor. Once you sign up with Payline Data, you authorize the company to process credit cards, ACH, debit cards, and e-check transactions to deliver whatever funds you earn to your bank account. Depending on the nature of your business and the sales channels you use, there are a variety of ways to ensure that you can accept any type of payment. Payline Data offers solutions for online, mobile, and in-store payment.

Payline data credit card processing solution – pros and cons


  • Monthly contracts that can be canceled at any time without additional fees
  • 24/7 Payline data phone number support
  • Robust guides, tutorials, and a dedicated blog to ensure you maximize the impact of Payline on your business
  • Payline data offers a free calculator to determine the unique fees your business would pay for using this payment processing solution.
  • Payline partners with Verifi’s card holder dispute resolution network to offer fraud and chargeback protection.
  • Specialist payment option with hassle-free HIPAA compliance for healthcare companies.
  • Payline gives you access to diverse hardware solutions from different brands, which means you have control over all the equipment you choose to use.
  • Payline data’s Interchange pricing structure with payments between 0.2% + 10 cents per transaction and 0.4% cents + 20 cents per transaction. This flat-rate pricing structure helps keep your financial records straight and simple.
  • Software cost begins from $10 per month
  • Payline data’s gateway interface is also user-friendly.


  • Must meet a minimum processing requirement of $25.
  • Customer support only available from Monday to Friday
  • No 24/7 support which can be a big deal for restaurant businesses
  • You must purchase equipment separately.
  • No access to business management tools

Who can use payline data merchant services?

As said earlier, Payline Data caters to a variety of clients ranging from high-risk establishments to low-risk merchant solutions. It’s one of the superb credit card payment solutions that offer an upfront, interchange-plus pricing solution to diverse businesses. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the different businesses that can use Payline data service in detail.

1.     Non-profits and educational businesses

Payline Data is an ideal payment processing solution for non-profits and educational establishments. You can access plug and play solutions including discounted processing rates and a full in-house support at your beck and call. Payline Data gives you everything you need including hardware options to take both online and in-person payments flawlessly. That way you no longer have to suffer through donations. You can have them collected by adding the Payline data gateway to your website or shopping cart.

2.     Medical offices

Healthcare businesses require a stringent HIPAA compliant payment processing at all costs.  Patients want to know that their transactions are simple, seamless and secure. With Payline Data, healthcare businesses can look forward to iron-clad security supported by the latest technology. Payline Data stands out for being one of the most affordable solutions for healthcare businesses while ensuring they remain compliant. Payline Data makes it possible to accept larger transactions ($10,000 and above) through all hosted payment channels including ACH. You will also love the simple easy-to-navigate payment dashboard where you can view all transactions, and toggle between a variety of reports to keep an eye on the financial health of your business. Healthcare businesses will also benefit from free hardware, valued at $16,000 with a three-year contract.

3.     Brick and mortar establishments

If you own a grocery store, gas station, retail store, and lots more, you can enjoy using the Payline solution. Payline Data makes it easier to accept all card-present and card-not-present transactions using Payline’s flexible hardware solutions at an affordable and flat price. Again, their processing fees are one of the lowest, so growing businesses can truly benefit from using this solution.

4.     Franchises

Having a unified payment processing solution for your franchise is a challenge. This is because you deal with a multitude of potential costs. The costs vary for accepting pin or swiped transactions. It also varies according to the card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc) used. All these processing fees can add up and make your financial records a mess to navigate. With Payline Data you pay a fixed and flat interchange pricing. That way you have an idea of your revenue and processing costs ahead of time while working hard to keep your costs lower. Payline Data’s interchange pricing formula is also reputed to help you rake in enormous savings as they are one of the lowest in the industry.

5.     High-risk merchants

Payline Data simplifies the process of getting a merchant account for high-risk merchants. Presently, they don’t fully cover all high-risk merchants. In truth, you won’t be working directly with them. So expect a higher processing rate and stricter contract term than advertised. You will be working with their partner merchant service provider SMB Global, which is also reputed to be one of the best high-risk merchant account providers. This actually looks confusing since Payline data still advertises high-risk accounts on their website, but in truth, you will be sent to their partner. Expect, however, that they cover merchants in travel, high ticket and large delivery times, tobacco, CBD, vitamins/supplements credit repair, collection agencies, adult industries, and e-cigarette sellers. Simply contact Payline today to get started and enjoy access to seamless processing solutions tailored to your unique environment.

6.     E-commerce establishments (or Omnichannel brands)

Payline data is also a suitable credit card processing solution for omnichannel brands that want to provide all forms of payments for their customers. With Payline data, you can receive payments online, via direct mail, online ads, and off-course in-person. With Payline’s online payment processing system, you can expect your payment options and enjoy ease of use, convenience, and optimal security. Presently, Payline data is offering new e-commerce merchants, 2 months free trial to get a taste of the system. That’s an amazing offer. Nevertheless, you should contact their sales team to confirm if you are the right fit.

In the same vein, you might not consider Payline Data the best if you are a very small business with low sales volume or a business that processes international sales. If you don’t like paying a monthly fee (although there’s is one of the most affordable), you can consider choosing Square.

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