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Merchants Bancard Network Offers Unsurpassed Flexibility, Security and Technical Solutions to eCommerce Clients. Gregory Bair

Merchants Bancard Network’s (MBN) eCommerce payment processing solutions meet their clients needs of a 24/7 business operation which is secure and integrates with all devices. These eCommerce Clients solutions allow the merchant to keep their lights on, accepting payments while they are asleep. With flexible options, advanced tracking options, a private cloud-based processing network, and secure account verification, MBN has the right eCommerce solution for any client.

With security Clients as the top concern of an eCommerce merchant’s customers, MBN prioriizes fraud avoidance through both protection and educational tools for their clients. MBN also focuses on user experience Clients (UX) in the design of their interface, allowing an easy to use and fun experience for the customers Clients to come back to the merchant’s site again and again. They also offer a full functionality of the UX interface among all devices. Smart about fraud and tech, MBN is the right solution for eCommerce businesses Clients.


Founded in 1991, Merchants Bancard Network is a full service company that meets the needs of a variety of merchants in the United States. Operating as a Merchant Services Provider, Merchants Bancard Network caters their services to businesses such as retailers, restaurants, on-the-go mobile companies, eCommerce sites, medical facilities, franchise companies, business-to-business, business-to-client, travel and hospitality.

Merchants Bancard Network has helped more than 70,000 merchants to have a secure, high quality business payment system. They strive to provide personalized service to each and every customer, keeping in their scope the notion that building and maintaining good relationships is the key to their business goals.

With great support and products, Merchants Bancard Network caters to the needs of merchants. With a proven philosophy, they cater to the needs of agents.

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Merchants Bancard Network has great many great solutions for any eCommerce business.

Online Shopping Carts – Customers can use Merchants Bancard to setup their online shopping cart. This easy process helps merchants and individuals who need to accept credit card transactions over the Internet for their online store. Merchants Bancard accepts all major cards, provides secure account verification and advanced tracking, and allows the customer to keep their shopping experience open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  One of the many helpful tasks Merchants Bancard Network provides for their customers is customer education, because all of the security Merchants Bancard Network offers can be breached all too easily without the merchant undersanding the nuances of facilitating a flawless checkout experience.

Integrate Your Shipping Software – Ecommerce merchants can use Merchants Bancard Network to improve their productivity and efficiency with the logistics side of their eCommerce site.  As a business person, you integrate the shipping software with the payment platform system.  Taking this simple step actually saves time and reduces errors caused by typing the information a second or third time. Throughout this automation and streamlining, get more work done using less time from a business perspective this help is very powerful.  It allows you to track shipments, prioritize orders, monitor inventory, coordinate purchase orders and invoicing, and even more.  It is really amazing and Merchants Bancard Network can do it all for you.  Just call in and ask for some ideas and education that is specific for your business needs.

It’s All Safe and Secure on the Cloud – MBN prioritizes fraud avoidance through both protection and educational tools for their clients.  In fact, MBN has a secure, cloud-based credit card processing network which allows them to save consumer data with no third party interference.  They believe so strongly in security that they use this private cloud to keep fewer eyes from potentially viewing customer’s information.  It is a merchant’s legal responsibility to keep their customer’s private data safe when they share it so willingly on the website.  The customers trust when they save their credit card data on the site for quick and easy purchasing later, that when this service is offered the security provided by the eCommerce site backs it up. The customers deserve the peace of mind to know that this data will remain safe and secure, still there for them when they need it, but hidden away from those that would seek to steal it. Why not use an eCommerce processing  company that propels security to such a high level? MBN is the right solution for eCommerce businesses.

Products and Services

If a full-service company is the market share for you, then Merchants Bancard (MBN) is a company to notice.  MBN has a full range of POS terminal options: mobile processing, gift cards, loyalty programs, e-checks and many other flexible merchant  solutions.

POS Terminal Options – MBN offers both used and new equipment from major manufacturers.  They can meet those needs complete with POS software that will meet your company’s specific needs.  Merchants Bancard Network provides a full range of options, including for example: connecting on a traditional phone line or over the Internet, PINpads and SMART Card readers, thermal printers, and devices for Tap & Go credit or debit cards.  If you do not use a cash register or computer, they even have a solution for you.

Mobile Credit Card Processing –  Merchant Bancard Network’s mobile payment options are designed to be in accordance with PCI-DSS rules and specifications.  They support both Apple and Android devices, and a no expensive landline is needed. You can track every transaction with the most secure wireless networks—and  their authorizations are blazing fast.  You can take a payment from anywhere you can get a wireless signal. In the past, merchants were dependent on a phone line or power supply, now simply a mobile signal will suffice.  Merchant Bancard Network would like to also like you and your customers to always use a passcode lock on their mobile device, because again, it’s all for not if basic security steps are not taken in every step of the process.

Merchants Bancard also has solutions for:

  • Gifts card, which can drive sales for the merchant.
  • Loyalty programs, which is an excellent method to say “thanks” to your very best customers.
  • E-checks, a paperless solution which allows merchants to accept checks, and can improve productivity and efficiency with invoicing and billing.

Medical Offices and Premier Merchant Processing – The medical industry has always been and still continues to improve productivity and efficiency with more automation and payment choices.  Merchants Bancard provides a designated account manager to ensure that medical office business needs are properly addressed, including using the best solutions as well as the very latest hardware and software so that there is the highest level of fraud protection.  The company provides extra training and assistance so that the medical practice is fully compliant and extra features can be used, such as properly handling recurring bills.  Compliance, efficiency, and training for  the medical industry is what MBN stands for.

Rates and Fees

  • First pay: $10.00 a month.  $10.00 minimum.
  • $0.05 for each transaction.
  • $3.00 for your statement (paper statement that is postal mailed to you).
  • Tiered Pricing with Interchange Plus Rates, ranging from 1.79% (Qualified), to 2.19% (Mid-Qualified), and 2.49% (Non-Qualified). Most transactions will be the 1.79 to 2.19.  (This depends on the card brand you are accepting.)
  • PCI (security) – $2.95 monthly.
  • IRS (to ensure reporting) – $2.95 monthly.
  • Ability to view statements, all transactions, details –  $2.95 monthly.


MBN has helped more than 70,000 merchants since 1991.  Their agents are in the market of selling MBN’s solutions.  Agents work with customers, get residual payments, receive instant approvals, and can use business management  or sales management tools.  MBN builds a strong team between the agents, inside customer service and customer support, and the merchants.

Contract Terms

  • Three year contract
  • There are early termination fees
  • Month to month contract available

Customer Service and Technical Support

In house customer service and technical Clients support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—proof of their customer Clients commitment to their merchants.  Live chat is available 8 a.m. (PST) to 5 p.m. weekdays.  A live chat operator is not always available however, but you can leave a message using a form they provide on their webiste.  You can fax and email the corporate office anytime.  On the web site, they provide a staff directory which allows you to send an email to the CEO, Vice President and other officers.  You use an easy to use the drop-down menu to find the executive contact name and you can easily send this person a message. Now that’s customer service!

It is always good to read the contract and related information, and ask any questions you may have before you sign up—Negotiate before you sign.  Understand how their operation works and work within those boundaries and then you will have excellent customer service.  But again, if you have a question or comment, they make it very easy to send your message to the CEO or another executive.


To any independent merchant accepting credit cards that’s looking for a home, if you’re not using MBN, you’re making a mistake. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with — hands down.  Why? It’s service and follow-through. Their service to the agent is outstanding; they go the extra mile. When I call up and ask for something, they get back to me right away. One of my requirements is, if one of my merchants calls in, I want to be notified, no matter what they asked about. MBN does that. They’re great people — all of them! I know all their names!” – Lee Cazier

From a customer service standpoint, MBN has been fantastic. It’s nice to have that ‘family-like’ relationship with the tech support staff — you know, on a first name basis. Versus some of the other companies that we’ve dealt with over the years, where it’s more like you’re a number and not a name. They give you that comforting feeling that your accounts are being taken care of first-hand, including the tech support, underwriting the new accounts, etc. And they’ve always done a great job as far as turn-around time — some of the best I’ve seen.” – Cole Bass

“I very much appreciate the relationship we have with Merchant’s Bancard Network. We started with them 7 years ago, in 2007, and we’ve had a great working relationship with them ever since. We’ve kind of become ‘family,’ and the only issues we’ve ever had, they’ve been able to address. Any solutions we’ve been looking for in the marketplace, they’ve been able to fill that void. Everybody that works there, from the newest member of the team all the way up to Jerry Cain, are available at your disposal, any time!” – Chris Switzer


Merchants Bancard Network has had a few complaints, but overall they have a very good rating.  The factors which raised their rating were low complaint volume, quick resolution to complaints and the BBB had sufficient information about the complaints. They had no complaints in the areas of advertising, billing, collections, delivery, and warranty. The very few complaints about the service were resolved quickly. With the few complaints they had, the MBN representatives seemed sincere, respectful, and acting in good faith about working to resolve the issue and to help the customer. From a PR perspective, MBN does it right. MBN continues to have the highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Merchants Bancard Network Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP provided based out of California. They offer very competitive merchant payment and credit card processing solutions.  MBN is strong with trendy mobile payments, but are very strong with POS terminal systems, equipment, and peripherals. Their web site touts their desire to listen and to help.  When calling into the company, this writer discovered that he was listened to and he got the answer to his question. The person handling the call was friendly and knowledgeable and displayed an appropriate desire to help.

Since they’ve helped 70,000 merchants, have mobile payment solutions, they appear poised to continue their growth based on service and their current technology offering.

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