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Updated on November 22, 2021

Leap Payments Review

LEAP Payments Allows Next Day Funding for eCommerce Clients for a Nominal Fee.

LEAP Payments ecommerce clients can get quicker payment from Merchant solution like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and even electronic checks for a low monthly fee, depending on volume.

In as little as 8 hours, payment can be received. The standard time to receive payment is 2 to 3 days. This service can allow an ecommerce vendor to make monthly or yearly budget, whereas without it they may be in the red. This could allow a purchasing department to reload stock a day or two earlier. The extra cost will justify the means for an ecommerce business.

Vendors do not have to change banks, and deposits can be made on Fridays and Saturdays. Transactions must be processed before 10pm EST and funds will be deposited into their account the next morning. This could be a great help for ecommerce vendors.


LEAP Payments Merchant solution is a merchant account processor provider.  Established in 2009 and based in California, they provide great 24/7 customer service, low costs, and many Merchant solution services.  What they emphasize is that new customers should call in and speak with a friendly, knowledgeable service person so that you get into the correct program that best meets your needs.

LEAP Payments provides:

  • Next Day Funding – the deposit goes into your checking account the next day (and as soon as within 8 hours if that is needed)
  • Mobile phone transactions from many types of smartphones – which appeals to companies who serve their customers “in the field.”
  • Low cost credit card terminals
  • Point of sale systems (POS) – integration, consulting, upgrading and also iPad use to accept payments
  • Online Terminal (virtual terminal), with an optional card reader and receipt printer
  • eCommerce solutions (shopping cart integration and online payment processing) – this is perfect because you can rely on LEAP Payments and not have to work with several different service providers
  • Lifetime Rate Lock for credit card processing rates – this helps you plan and know your budget
  • 100% compatibility with Apple Pay’s NFC solution (by using LEAP’s latest Ingenico and Verifone credit card machines).
  • And much, much more

LEAP Payments Merchant solution provides solutions that range from a basic credit card machine to point of sales solutions, to wireless credit card processing, to customized advice, and more.  LEAP works with companies that have a lot of experience in collecting credit card and debit card payments and they work with “newbies” – people and small companies that are just starting out a credit card processing company.

Leap Payments E-Commerce Merchant Review
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Vendor websites need an avenue toward fast and friendly payment options, 24 hours a day, such as an online shopping cart. LEAP Payments will work with an existing shopping cart plug-in or will refer you to many secure carts to integrate into your web design. Their consultants are skilled to help you select the cart experience your users would enjoy. They can even find a way to link to your existing shopping cart so that you can enjoy the savings LEAP Payments offers over their competitors.

With LEAP Payment’s lifetime rate lock and old fashioned customer service, the deal is great. And be sure to add LEAP Payment’s next day funding for a nominal fee.

Products and Services

Customers have many options in choosing what they need for their business.  LEAP Payments provides solutions that have been around for many years, such as the simple card swipe POS system.  Yet, LEAP Payments is also focused on helping merchants and businesses take advantage of all the new trends and technology.  As companies become familiar with LEAP, they will see that they can use LEAP services for the growing practice of people using their mobile phone to make credit card payments.

Here is a sampling of additional features available through LEAP Payments:

  • Next Day Funding allows faster payment for a nominal fee.
  • Lifetime Rate Lock guarantees that LEAP Payment’s rates will not increase for your account.
  • Old Fashioned Customer Service allows you to process online credit card transactions with your computer with LEAP Payment’s Virtual Merchant solution and Converge Gateway.
  • Integrated Point of Sale (POS) systems with an existing or new POS system.
  • Customers can accept credit card payments online through a virtual terminal or in their QuickBooks or practice management software.
  • A PC can be used as a virtual credit card machine.
  • Gift Cards are available – to make more money, please end customers, attract new customers, and build customer loyalty with end customers. No risk, they must be activated on purchase.

Next Day Funding – Reasonable Fees

LEAP Payments has a very nice next day funding program.  If the transaction batch process is completed by as late as 10 p.m. EST, the customers can find their payment in their checking account the following day (or on Monday for weekend batches) for a small monthly fee of $9.95 or less.  This service moves cash to the business quickly; it really can help your cash flow be less restrictive.

LEAP Payments provides complete training so that its customers can use whatever system(s) or devices they choose.  This means that the LEAP Payments customer can get a good night’s sleep because they know that security is in place with these devices.

Rates, Fees, and Pricing

Device rates are as follows

Device Rate
EMV/NFC $399, with a Merchant solution account
Basic Dial-up Terminals $199 each, with a Merchant solution account
Internet Connected Terminal $299, with a Merchant solution account
PC Connected Virtual Terminal $79, with a Merchant solution account
Wireless Terminals $449, with a Merchant solution account
Your Cell Phone You can add a card swiper to transform your phone into a true mobile credit card machine
Point-of-Sale Systems No charge to integrate with your system and no charge to connect your POS System to LEAP Payments.

Merchant solution and businesses have many additional options to choose from.  These options include:

  • EMV/NFC – dial up and Internet capable machines with color screens.
  • Basic Dial-up Terminals – a customer can purchase an external PIN pad to process PIN debit transactions.
  • Internet-Connected Terminal – the customer can use an IP terminal that comes with high contrast screens.
  • PC Connected Virtual Terminal – the customer can use an optional USB card swiping device and take advantage of extremely low processing rates for both debit and credit cards.
  • Wireless Terminals – a battery is included so that the customer can accept payments without relying on electricity from the wall. As simple as this seems, this could be “the solution” for a specific business.
  • Cell Phones – customers have a lot of choice for accepting payments from their customers (they can use Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry or actually any Internet connected phone).
  • If customers use an Android or iPhone, they can add a card swiper to make the phone a true credit card machine.
  • If the customer already uses a POS (Point of Sale) System, LEAP Payments can help them integrate it with LEAP systems, or upgrade their existing POS System, depending on their needs.


Pricing is fair with LEAP Payments.

Pricing is based on transaction volume and how the company accepts transactions.

LEAP Payments has a customer-first philosophy.  It encourages prospective customers to call in and ask as many questions as possible about pricing and to be educated about pricing.  LEAP Payments has different programs to meet different needs and they want customers to be happy.  All this is handled through good communications, which LEAP Payments is known for.

Written Savings Estimate.  When a customer is considering LEAP Payments as its merchant account credit card processor, the customer can request a written estimate of their savings if they sign up with LEAP Payments.  This is the LEAP Payments “commitment to its customers” – – to be transparent and honest in their pricing and how they choose to conduct their business.

Here are other pricing features:

  • Customers can get “interchange pass-through pricing,” which is also called “Interexchange Plus” pricing.  This is a big cost savings for small customers; typically this is only offered to very large customers.
  • No-start-up fees for any business. With LEAP Payment, it is very economical for the business to get started.
  • Customers can get fixed rates for every card type they request.  This can decrease business complexity in pricing and rates.
  • Customers pay the same transaction cost for every card type that you accept.  Other companies make this complicated.
  • Customers do not pay fees for statements, data compliance, or junk fees.
  • Customers can receive a paper statement and see their transaction history online.  (No cost to the customer.)
  • Better monthly statements – easy to understand monthly statements so customers know what they are paying for.
  • A single unified statement – the customers “sees it all” (Visa, MasterCard, and the other cards) on one statement.  This can save time and increase efficiency, both of which are critical to people in business.
  • Customers have an ability to track payments, by date, amount or customer.
  • When LEAP Payments gives a quote to a prospective new customer, the new customer will get that price. No bait and switch, the quoted price is not subject to change.
  • LEAP Payments can make your mobile phone payment for any phone.

Lifetime Rate Lock for credit card processing rates

It is all above board with LEAP Payments.  You are told a rate, that’s what you will pay.  No bait and switch.  No shuffling around.  LEAP Payments values its customers and values their business.

Contract Terms

There are no long-term contracts for equipment.  Why should a customer be locked-into an equipment contract, especially in a day and age when equipment can change because technology is changing?  The LEAP Payments philosophy is that customers should have lots of flexibility, which is why they do not have any long-term contracts for equipment.  With LEAP Payments, there are no expensive equipment leases.

When a customer chooses LEAP Payments, they are choosing to work with a fair company.

Good news about termination fees.  For customers already with another provider, LEAP Payments will pay a customer’s termination fee if they move their account to LEAP.  In addition, if the customer that moves to LEAP is processing more than $10,000 in credit card transactions per month, LEAP Payments will reimburse them up to $150 if they move to LEAP.  (Subject to account approval.)

When LEAP Payments gives a quote to a prospective new customer, the new customer will get that price.  No bait and switch, the quoted price is not subject to change.

LEAP Payments have people in customer service who know how to talk to customers in a way that makes sense.  This means that a potential customer (a customer using another credit card processing company) can call in and have an intelligent conversation with a smart service representative and then make a decision, to switch or not to switch.  When a business decides to switch to LEAP Payments, LEAP will handle as many of the details as possible and make the process as smooth as possible.

Customer Service

A key reason for LEAP being so successful is its customer service philosophy.  Not just talk, not just words on a piece of paper or in an employee manual, BUT actually doing it.  Here are some of LEAP Payments’ customer service features:

  • 24/7 Service Center.
  • Nice people who have excellent listening and communication skills, along with product knowledge and experience in the industry.
  • Single client relationship manager for the lifetimes of your account.
  • Call in and get your questions answered about NFC, Apple Pay, and latest technology changes in the credit card field.
  • One-on-one support to answer your questions or to be there with you to troubleshoot an issue.
  • Personable customer service that is truly committed to providing its customers with superior credit card processing merchant services.
  • Pro-active quarterly account reviews.
  • Highly experienced staff who effectively explain anything to their customers … about the operation, processes, rates, equipment, reading a bill, and … well, you name it.
  • Use of a “Statement Review Form.” The customer merely uploads their statement to the LEAP Payments web site or they fax it in and a payments consultant reaches out and telephones the customer, to address any and all questions.
  • LEAP Payments can provide a mobile payment service for its customers. It’s another thing that we do for our customers to make them love us.

Technical Support

LEAP Payments provides technical support 24/7, with people who have great communication skills.

Reviews / Testimonials

LEAP Payments has garnered very favorable reviews, from a great variety of businesses.