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Updated on November 22, 2021

BluePay Processing is an Award Winning Company Ready to Meet or Surpass your Needs with Superior E-Commerce Processing.

For businesses that already use or will be needing an E-Commerce method for accepting credit card payments, BluePay is a company to look at because of their expertise, experience, and customer service. But before I turn attention to those details, I want to tell you about their awards and recognitions. In comparison to many other Credit Card Processing Companies, BluePay just seems to win more awards and be in the news (favorably I may add) than most every other company. Over the years, they’ve been recognized and awarded from the Better Business Bureau (earning the highest award) and Inc. Magazine Top 500 List for being a fast-growth company (in fact, they were 128). They have been recognized for their customer relationship building activities, including their online survey process. And they have won awards for employee development. To this reviewer, this means the company is serious about doing the right things so that they have an excellent reputation with their customers and they invest in their people, which means they are investing in their customers.


BluePay Processing, LLC is a Tier 1 credit card processor, a single source merchant account processor provider to many different kinds of customers, locally and globally, who have different types of credit card processing needs.  Their headquarters is in Naperville, Illinois.  The experienced leadership team has more than 100 years of combined leadership experience with merchant accounts.  BluePay has offices in New York City and in Toronto, Canada.  You can call the headquarters or one of their branches. To help keep high performance and security, they have two geographically diverse  tier 3+ data center facilities, which provides the “Payment Gateway” and all the state-of-art technology and business processes for data encryption and PCI compliance.  BluePay goes above and beyond standard PCI practices  to safeguard customer and credit card holder information.  The company also has “heart.”  They donate a percentage of their profits monthly to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Chicagoland chapter.  In addition, they support our service men and women by giving back annually to the Wounded Warriors Project.

BluePay provides Credit Card processing services to a variety of merchant types, including:

  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Small Business
  • Enterprise
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • B2B (Business-to-Business)
  • Non-Profit
  • Canadian Merchants
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Credit Unions

BluePay offers the following payment solutions:

  • POS Systems
  • Mobile Processing
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Touchtone and Voice Activated IVR Systems
  • eCheck (ACH) Payments
  • Electronic Billing and Invoicing
  • Tokenization
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • And much, much more
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E-Commerce – when security and efficiency matter!

BluePay provides a secure E-Commerce payment gateway.  This is ideal for companies that need the features of online ordering.  BluePay makes the E-Commerce process safe, easy, and fast. BluePay helps merchants be successful with E-Commerce.  Just give BluePay a call to get your questions answered and to get started.

  • Convenient, fast and easy and just one mouse-click away.
  • Supplements other ways that you accept credit cards.
  • Highly secure – allows you to accept debit cards, major credit cards, and ACH payments.
  • Low rates.
  • Uses a very secure hosted payment forms procedure.
  • Robust reporting.
  • Reduced PCI compliance and cost.
  • Fraud tools

BluePay is a one-source solution for website credit card processing and E-Commerce needs.

Products and Services Offered – Merchant Accounts

BluePay has a solution for all types of businesses, whether you are a small retail store front or a large enterprise, to meet simple and complex needs.  Benefits of a Merchant Account include:

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Revenue
  • Get Paid Faster
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Use E-Commerce and Accept Online Payments

BluePay’s merchant account enables retailers and businesses to accept so many different types of payments, including accepting online payments.  A merchant can even accept a customer’s check and have it authorized before the transaction is finalized.

Here is a partial list of other features for merchants:

  • Money in 24-48 hours
  • 24/7 Expert support teams
  • Billing programs that are efficient and easy to use
  • Account management that is secure and online
  • Statements that are easy to interpret

POS System:  BluePay has a POS system where you can use your computer system (with a credit card module) instead of a stand-alone terminal.  Secure data storage begins at the point of transaction.

In addition to the “newer payment” methods, like mobile merchant account services, BluePay also offers a tremendous variety of credit card equipment options.  BluePay offers terminals, swipers, apps, and software, whatever is needed.  Here are some of the technology options available, although this is not a comprehensive list.

  • Wireless credit card processing machines
  • Virtual credit card terminals
  • Mobile credit card readers (Mobile)
  • Stationary credit card terminals

Tablet POS Experience:  BluePay offers a Tablet POS Experience.  As a merchant, you can roam around your store and give people a unique checkout experience.  You can get a stand and place your iPad on the stand and give a “jazzier” experience to store shoppers and buyers.  You can also easily integrate this into an inventory management system and keep all your sales data in one place.  If you like using Excel, just export your data into the spreadsheet and voila, you are rockin and rollin.  This Tablet POS Experience allows you to easily show your product catalog and like I said, you can take payments instantly.

Advanced Security:  If your business requires advanced data security, I suggest you look at BluePay’s Point-to-Point Encryption Security offer.  In short, it takes credit card security up several notches.  Here’s how it works:  It takes the cardholder data from the point of card swipe and it encrypts the data right then and there.  Then, the data stays encrypted while the data is in transit and it stays encrypted until the purchase has been authorized.  In short, this offer can achieve or improve compliance with PCI standards.

Enterprise Solutions and Integration

If your business model requires complex credit card processing solutions, consider the consulting experience and technology that BluePay has to offer.

  • Integration with electronic invoicing, hosted payment forms, accounting systems.
  • Credit card processing can be integrated for all departments and functions, which means the company now can have one seamless, efficient system that provides both simple and comprehensive reports to all stakeholders.  For example, you can have one system that integrates your POS retail system, with your CRM system, with your custom databases, with your mail order department and with your mobile workers in the field.
  • Payment security.
  • Payment Modules: Android, CRE Loaded, Drupal 6, iOS, Laravel, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, OpenCart, osCMax, osCommerce, QuickBooks (multiple versions), SalesForce, Ubercart, WordPress, and Zen Cart.  The net of this is that BluePay is on the march to the future.

Rates, Fees, and Pricing

BluePay offers several different types of pricing but you can say that their pricing is definitely fair and competitive.  BluePay offers a free rate analysis between their rates and competition.  Just telephone in or use their handy “Live Chat.”

BluePay invites prospective customers to contact them so that you get the correct program to fit your needs and you get exact pricing, which allows you to properly compare with competition.

Here is preliminary information, but you should call in to get details. Tiered, ERR, and Interchange-Plus pricing is available.


  • Terminal (Internet or Dial-Up) As low as $199.00 varies based on type of unit
  • Credit Card Rate As low as 1.59%
  • Debit Card Rate As low as 1.19%
  • Transaction fee $0.20 (varies based on interchange level qualifications)
  • Monthly fee $15.00

Monthly fee includes online access to your account through BlueView monthly statement and PCI certification.

If you key in cards or accept any company credit cards, you pay an err non-qualified surcharge of $0.50.

E-Commerce/Mail Order – Telephone Orders – rates as low as 1.69%

  • As low as 1.69% debit card keyed in
  • As low as 1.99% credit card keyed in
  • Add 0.79% surcharge for corporate and business cards
  • The transaction fee is $0.25 per sale with a monthly fee of $15.00
  • Includes a statement, PCI and BluePay bridge
  • No setup or annual fees

 The $500.00 Challenge.  If your business in a month, when using MasterCard/Visa/Discover does between six thousand dollars and one hundred thousand dollars, then BluePay offers a challenge.  They want you to contact them to review pricing from BluePay.  On their web site, they promise to pay you $500.00 even if they cannot help you save money.  To me, this is a solid sales pitch.  It seems I can start saving monthly fees by switching to BluePay or I will at least make a quick $500.00.

Contract Terms

Merchants can easily switch to BluePay from other service providers.  Transferring is easy.

Activation of your account with BluePay is usually within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are transferring your account from one service provider to BluePay, their program allows you to continue to accept credit card payments – in other words there is no interruption of your accepting credit card payments from your customers.

If you choose to transfer to BluePay Credit Card Processing and if your current processor wants to hit you with a fee, BluePay can subsidize those fees and make your transfer to BluePay that much more appealing.

Customer Service

BluePay offers tremendous customer service.  One feature that I especially liked was their “Live Chat” function.  When I used it, a “real” person came online without almost no wait on my end.  The representative asked me questions to make me think and equally important the rep gave very clear answers to my questions.  The “Live Chat” function also allowed me to get a transcript of our chatting sent to my email address.  It was very efficient.  So, I was impressed, by the technology, by how fast the representative came online to help me, and with the quality of the answers.

  • When you have a question, you can call in toll-free Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Central Standard Time.
  • Or, you can submit a question on their web site and they promise to get back to you within one business day.
  • They also had a set of some fifteen “Frequently Asked Questions.” The answers were very easy to read and they made sense to me.
  • Live Chat: 24/7.

Technical Support

BluePay provides technical support 24/7, with people who have great communication skills.

Reviews / Testimonials

BluePay has earned many very favorable reviews, from a great variety of merchants, integrated partners, E-Commerce store startups, credit unions, banks, and many more.  Here are a few examples of what people have said about their experience with Blue Pay Processing, LLC.

 It can get pretty hectic when parents are dropping off their children for dance class. We needed a fast and simple way for parents to pay for lessons. BluePay set us up with credit card readers that fit our small studio budget. Using the hassle-free equipment allows us to speed up the registration and payment process and spend more time teaching.

Renee Deets – Owner, Dance Studio

 We develop web-based CRM software for the consignment industry. With BluePay’s help, we’re able to offer exceptional service to our customers. Their payment processing solution integrates seamlessly with our software, thanks to their simple, straightforward API.  We couldn’t be happier to have a payment processing partner that fits so perfectly with our CRM platform.

Joe Gaboury – President, CRM Software for Consignment Industry

 Combining our E-Commerce knowledge with BluePay’s payment processing expertise allows us to offer our customers affordable rates and exceptional service. BluePay’s multiple reporting tools and dynamic pricing is ideal for customers who use our custom-built business management software and E-Commerce platforms.

Ben Schmid – Founder, Custom-Built Software for E-Commerce Platforms

 We are excited to be partnered and integrated with BluePay’s credit card and eCheck payment module. We are confident that our merchants will benefit from the payment efficiency and security that BluePay has come to be known for.

Gareth Christian-Lim – Partner, Shopping Cart Solution

 The personal attention and support given to us and our membe