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Updated on November 22, 2021

Leap Payments Offers Lifetime Rate Lock for All Clients.

Leap Payments clients enjoy pass through pricing from Mastercard, Visa and Discover and further offer a lifetime lock on the Leap Payment processing fee portion. The Company’s promise offers “no bait and switch, no rate creep and no surprises” for the client.

Whereas it is a common industry practice to offer introductory rates with the intent to increase fees after the initial signup period…commonly referred to as rate creep. Leap Payments guarantees their processing fees will not increase ever.

To ensure transparency, Leap Payments provides clients with the actual costs and discloses them resulting in a lower effective rate and significant cost reduction for the client.


LEAP Payments is a merchant account processor provider. Established in 2009 and based in California, they provide great 24/7 customer service, low costs, and many solutions. What they emphasize is that new customers should call in and speak with a friendly, knowledgeable service person so that you get into the correct program that best meets your needs.

LEAP Payments provides:

  • Next Day Funding – the deposit goes into your checking account the next day (and as soon as within 12 hours if that is needed)

  • Mobile phone transactions from many types of smartphones – which appeals to companies who serve their customers “in the field.”

  • Low cost credit card terminals

  • Point of sale systems (POS) – integration, consulting, upgrading and also iPad use to accept payments

  • Online Terminal (virtual terminal), with an optional card reader and receipt printer

  • eCommerce solutions (shopping cart integration and online payment processing) – this is perfect because you can rely on LEAP Payments and not have to work with several different service providers

  • Lifetime Rate Lock for credit card processing rates – this helps you plan and know your budget

  • 100% compatibility with Apple Pay’s NFC solution (by using LEAP’s latest Ingenico and Verifone credit card machines).

  • And much, much more

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LEAP Payments provides solutions that range from a basic credit card machine to point of sales solutions, to wireless credit card processing, to customized advice, and more.  LEAP works with companies that have a lot of experience in collecting credit card and debit card payments and they also work with “newbies” – people and small companies that are just starting out a credit card processing company.

Products and Services

Customers have many options in choosing what they need for their business.  LEAP Payments provides solutions that have been around for many years, such as the simple card swipe POS system.  Yet, LEAP Payments is also focused on helping merchants and businesses take advantage of all the new trends and technology.  As companies become familiar with LEAP, they will see that they can use LEAP services for the growing practice of people using their mobile phone to make credit card payments.

There are many benefits of “mobile payments” beyond sheer customer convenience.  Mobile payment practices also improve productivity and efficiency and companies get paid faster.  Why drive back to the office, have the invoice typed the next day, review the invoice for accuracy, and then send that invoice through the mail or as an email attachment.  Whether it is a plumber, accountant, lawn care specialist, home improvement person or any other types of business, people and businesses can now get paid fast.  Very simply, mobile payments reduce the time it takes to get paid.  And “mobile payments” helps a company “Go Green,” which means fewer checks, receipts, invoices, and envelopes.  When you use mobile payments, you don’t even have to get in your car to drive to the post office to mail your paper envelopes and bills.

Here is a partial list of product and service features:

Great flexibility in that the customer can choose to receive secure payments in person, on the phone, or in the mail.

  • PCI-compliant credit card machines.
  • Integrated POS (point of sale) systems with an existing or new POS system.
  • Customers can accept credit card payments online through a virtual terminal or in their QuickBooks or practice management software.
  • It is easy to set up recurring payments for your customers, including Health Savings Accounts (HSA).
  • Wireless payment solutions – customers get paid fast when they are not at an office and they can use an iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile phone, a Blackberry device or actually any Internet connected phone.
  • A PC can be used as a virtual credit card machine.
  • Gift Cards are available – to make more money, please end customers, attract new customers, and build customer loyalty with end customers. No risk, they must be activated on purchase.
  • Scanning checks for fast approval and deposit.

Gift Card Program

This is a terrific program for increasing revenue and sales and for marketing, such as for gaining the attention of new customers and for increasing customer retention.  The LEAP Payments gift card program uses attention-getting designs which can boost a company’s brand.  With this program, a company easily and professionally promotes its name.

In a busy marketing world, the gift card program can create a “buzz.”  Gift cards can be customized.  A business can choose cards with many different denominations.  Cards can be used as part of a customer rewa