Restaurant Specific POS System?

Updated on November 22, 2021

In a period where the POS industry is quickly changing and developing, giving entrepreneurs an ever increasing number of alternatives, it can be overwhelming to figure out which system will best suit individual restaurant. While it might be easy to assume that most POS systems are comparative and will suit your business in a similar fashion, settling on the wrong decision could significantly affect your efficiency and your bottom line. And trust me, shocking alert in a cool sweat from a POS-induced nightmare is not a lovely experience. There are various non-specific systems that, on the surface, appear to give enough functionality to keep a restaurant running easily. However, picking one of these general POSs can keep you from achieving your potential, something your high school English teachers always said may happen in the event that you didn’t buckle down. Here are some reasons why choosing a restaurant specific POS might be the right decision for you…


Nowadays, it’s the standard for companies to give systems that are customized to a customer’s specification. Regardless of whether it’s intricate graphic elements within the interface or profoundly particular elements on the backend including inventory, employee hours, or even freezer/fridge temperature, restaurant-specific POSs can offer you a greater number of choices than you might have even thought were possible, giving every individual customer a chance to create the software to his or her personal needs like a substantially less engaging form of Minecraft. Integration and add-ons are likewise not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind in the business with a flock of alternatives that can be added to your package, many coming at no additional charge.

Training Ease

It’s common that new staffs will require time to get used to the system, yet numerous restaurant owners won’t understand exactly how much an additional hour or two here can cost your business. Restaurant specific POSs take a stab at streamlined functionality in a foodservice setting and, in most cases, good judgment rules (something that can never be underestimated). A POS that is made for and by people within the industry cuts down on confusing components that might be found in other retail-based systems (SKU-based inventory systems, matrix options, and so on.) implying that workers can be put at job faster while constraining rookie mistake.

Customer Loyalty Programs

While some POS in the market sometimes offers programs for tracking customer loyalty discounts and rewards, so as to entice customer restaurant often have unique and complex benefit. (We’re well beyond the days of “purchase 10 subs, get one free” where you will definitely run your card with nine punches through the wash.) With a generic system, it can be tedious to monitor these benefit and errors can easily be made. A POS designed with the restaurant owner in mind generally offers a unique system for storing and tracking this information. A considerable lot of these systems take seconds to process the information and regularly accompany restaurant-specific integration that makes it easy to extend existing customer data. A couple of organizations have even composed their own gift voucher programs which pair seamlessly with the POS.


You can presumably get by for some time with a POS system that is essentially functional yet not particularly made for the restaurant industry. However, on the off chance that you keep running into technical problem with your gadget, you’ll need them solved as fast and as possible, particularly in the restaurant industry where time and speed are of the essence. For instance, a specialized help specialist for a company that represents considerable authority in restaurant specific POS will probably have the capacity to rapidly analyze a menu issue than one who may need to deal with a wide array of businesses. Almost every company offers day in and day out report and, in many cases, even has the ability to log on remotely to fix problems (or just to freak you out a little and give everybody a decent chuckle).


Organizations that focus mainly on restaurant based POS software comprehendPOS System that a standout amongst the most imperative features in a server, bartender or hostess is the means by which they can rapidly ring in requests and turn over customers. And this little thing can make a huge difference. An interface that is simple and easy to understand can significantly enhance an employee’s efficiency. At the point when a server needs to roll out improvements to an order on the fly or track on modification, a POS with an awkward or non-generic design is not going to help them. A device particularly made for restaurants should nail these points of interest, avoiding any glitchy bugs and saving valuable minutes amid a busy evening.


In an industry that is saturated with choices, competition can be your companion. POS software should be affordable to attract new customers. Numerous foodservice POS vendors offer membership based pricing and won’t lock you into a long haul contract. This gives you the ability to discover a POS that is ideal for your restaurant or franchise without stressing over using up every last cent. Most POS companies offer discount for multiple stations and many offer cheap bundles in the event that you don’t need bells, whistles, or tambourines.

Backend Options

Having the capacity to monitor everything from ingredients to worker hours can either break or make a restaurant owner. New systems particularly designed for the service industry offer various convenient components that can help eliminate waste from over-buying, virtually eliminate the likelihood of employee theft, monitor and record the cost of food and beverages. Restaurant POS systems can be tweaked to convey detailed reports and make the occasionally confused procedure of punching in and out for a shift a snap. And these features can generally be gotten remotely, giving you a chance to perceive what number of Roma tomatoes you have in storage from the sandy beaches of Fiji if that is something you’re into.

Employee Satisfaction

Choosing the correct POS can have significantly impact on employee confidence. A system that bodes well, especially to somebody who may have previous experience in the restaurant industry, can build confidence and make for more productive shifts. Furthermore, it can make a stream down impact as those representatives who have a decent vibe for the system can undoubtedly pass that knowledge down when they train a new individual (without complaining about the store’s obsolete innovation).

In the event that you’ve chosen that a restaurant specific POS is appropriate for you, Dharma Merchant Services can help you to limit your search even further. Visit us today and we will be glad to help you to out.

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