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Payment Depot Reviews ( 2022) – Features, Pricing, Comparison & Complaints

Dera Joseph | Jan 2, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

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Our Payment Depot reviews allows you to gain refreshing insights on this flat-rate payment processor. But one thing we love is that Payment Depot stands out from a crowd of merchant service providers for its easy-to-understand payment strategy, no contracts, no chargeback fees, hidden fees, and overcharging.

It is a merchant account provider that offers the interchange-plus pricing structure and charges for transactions based on your plan and not the terminal you use. This means it is a membership-based or flat-fee payment processor.  

A lot of merchant payment depot reviews are also about the 90-day hassle-free, obligation free trial. So if you cancel your merchant account before that window elapses, it will refund your annual membership fee. Payment processing also stands out because of its list of features; free virtual terminal, next-day funding, risk monitoring, low chargeback, rate protection, and mobile payments.

Presently the company processes over 3 million transactions every month, to the tune of $4 billion annually making the company among the best merchant account providers. It’s no wonder, major corporations like Dominos, Subway, and Sprint use this payment processor.  The company is also headquartered in Orange, California, and has been around since 2013.

However, there’s more to making the proper choice of a merchant service provider than its history.

No matter your business size, type, or average order value, you want to secure the lowest rates possible, with excellent customer service and equipment.

So, in this guide, we will walk you through the features, products, and services,  payment processing fees, reasons to use this payment depot payment processor, payment depot customer reviews, and lots more. In the end, you can decide if this is the ideal payment processing solution for your business or not.

What is Payment Depot Payment Solution?

At its core, Payment Depot is a front-end processor. This means it helps your business accept credit card payments from your customers, by connecting you to credit card networks, authorizing and making settlements to your merchant account.

Payment Depot allows you to process American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards. You can also accept echeck and ACH payments. What you will mostly love about this payment processing service, is that they will deliver processed payments to your account

It is worthy to note that Payment Depot uses First Data and TSYS for its back-end processor. Signing up on Payment depot payment solution sets your merchant account with TSYS or First Data. You will get a First Data account if you use Clover POS.

Payment Depot Merchant Services Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one membership for in-store, online, and mobile processing
  • Flat-fee credit card processing solution for high-volume merchants.
  • Compatible with many popular e-commerce platforms and POS systems.
  • Easy to understand payment pricing
  • Risk-free trial for 90-days. Your annual membership fee will be refunded if you wish to cancel within the 90-days window.
  • Transparent month-to-month billing
  • No unnecessary fees, confusing terms, and high markups
  • No setup or application fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reprograms your existing terminals for free
  • Very few payment depot complaints
  • Includes PCI compliance
  • Comes with a Free virtual terminal for entering credit card numbers


  • Does not accept high-risk businesses
  • Challenging to deal with chargebacks
  • Memberships have maximum processing limits.
  • Not ideal for low-volume businesses
  • Only accepts US-based merchants

Who Should Use Payment Depot – Best for High volume businesses

Payment Depot is one of the best merchant service providers for small businesses. After evaluating various merchant services and payment processors, we can rightly say their claim to honesty and transparency beats the others. As a front-end processor, Payment Depot is suitable for B2B, mobile, e-commerce, medical, legal, accounting, retail, restaurant, and professional service businesses.

It is especially ideal for high volume, established, and mid-sized businesses using virtual terminals because you can enjoy a wide variety of third-party virtual terminals compatible with restaurant and retail businesses. Examples of businesses that can use Payment Depot include busy restaurants, healthcare providers, fast-food chains, and e-commerce companies.

With the high volume, you can gain up to 40% savings on processing costs. Payment Depot is also one of the cheapest credit card processors especially when you factor in the transparent fees.

However, if you are a business looking for a pay-as-you-go model such as a new and low-volume or seasonal seller, this isn’t the payment processor for you. Payment processors are not also open to high-risk merchants. There’s also no native mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution, but Payment Depot covers this hiccup by integrating with SwipeSimple for its mobile processing.

The only downside to this front-end processor is that it is only available for merchants in the US. Overall, Payment Depot is suitable for many kinds of businesses. Think about the savings you can gain on processing fees, and that’s the sweet point.

A Snapshot of Our Payment Depot Review

Your payment processing fees will heavily influence the best payment processing software for you. This is notwithstanding the size of your business, average order size, and type.

We carefully reviewed diverse payment depot customer reviews to ensure you have the appropriate information to make the best choice.

The best thing we love about the payment depot is its transparency and the fact that it is a flat fee payment credit card processing solution. They are also known for their prompt customer service and low processing rate. You will especially love their credit card processing fees. The only complaints about Payment Depot review seem to be new and startup businesses selecting Payment Depot for its flat-fee structure. Payment Depot is best for businesses that would benefit from its cost savings. If you are a seasonal business, a flat fee might be too steep except you are making high-ticket sales. However, you will love that the fees you pay don’t vary whether it’s chip transactions or online transactions.

Again, the company boasts of a professional-looking and easy-to-navigate website. You will also love the full disclosure of the cost of using this service, which is unlike many other payment providers. However, the only downside is that there is a knowledge base on their website. Even the graphics and charts you find there are oversimplified.  Regardless, their pricing structure remains precisely the same.

Following a thorough review of all payment depot complaints and positive reviews, we can rightly say that depot payment is a suitable payment processor for a great merchant account.


What Merchant Products and Services Does Payment Depot Offer?

Merchant Account

As said earlier, Payment Depot is not a direct processor. Signing up gets you a merchant account on TSYS or Fiserv (formerly First Data). However, Payment Depot will handle the setup and manage your account. But occasionally, you may work directly on your back-end processor. If you are using the Clover POS line, you will be placed on Fiserv, if not the choice is TSYS. Nevertheless, merchant accounts offered by Payment Depot are dedicated which means your account will not be subject to freezes and account holds which is common with other aggregated merchant accounts like PayPal.

Payment Depot Credit Card Terminals

Payment Depot brings to you a wide variety of standard terminals from SwipeSimple, PAX, Dejavoo, and Ingenico. These terminals can accept magstripe, NFC-based, and EMV payments. You can purchase these terminals with a software and warranty to connect your merchant account to the processor’s transaction processing network. Here are some of the terminals you can purchase:

  • Vital Plus ($449): This terminal accepts contactless payments, chip cards, and magstripe. It also scans barcodes and prints receipts.
  • Clover Mini ($599): This scans barcodes and prints receipts. It also accepts chip cards, magstripe, and contactless payment methods.
  • Clover Flex ($499): Comes with a built-in receipt printer. It also accepts chip cards, magstripe, and contactless payment methods.
  • First Data FD130 ($299): This is a countertop card reader for accepting chip cards, magstripe, and contactless payment methods. It also prints receipts.
  • Dejavoo Z11 TriComm ($299): Accepts chip card magstripe and contactless payment methods.
  • Poynt Smart Terminal ($599): A wireless card reader accepts chip cards, magstripe, and contactless payment methods. It sends text/email receipts and prints receipts.
  • VeriFone VX520 ($299): A countertop card reader that prints receipts and accepts chip cards, contactless, and magstripe payments.

Payment Depot Smart Credit Card Terminals

Smart virtual terminals are terminals that offer feature-rich touchscreens and allow you to install a variety of apps including inventory management. You can choose from Vital Plus, Poynt Smart Terminal, and Clover Flex. One thing you would love is the flexibility that you get to use a variety of hardware solutions for a single monthly fee.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Payment Depot provides the full line of Clover POS systems from Fiserv (including Clover Station Pro, Clover Mini LTE, and Clover Station). You can also choose the Vital Select POS system if you are onboarded with TSYS/Global payments. The best two POS solutions offer:

  • Vital Select ($1,399): The Vital Select POS system allows mag stripe, chip, and contactless payment. It is a 15.6inch touchscreen device that comes with a customer-facing display, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and attached cash drawer. This POS system also provides functionalities such as customer relationship management, tax administration, inventory management, pricing discounts, and employee management
  • Clover Station ($1,499): The Clover Station is a 14-inch touchscreen device that comes with a customer-facing display, receipt printer, and cash drawer. It also supports contactless, card, and magstripe payments. Your software will depend on the pricing plan you choose. You can choose the Register Lite ($14/month) or Register ($29/month). Whichever you choose, they come with functionalities to set employee permission, track sales, and reports, process payments offline, use the Clover App market, and manage inventory.

Mobile Payments

Payment Depot offers a third-party SwipeSimple app and compatible hardware for mobile processing. You can download the app from Android and IOS and it works on both tablets and smartphones. Presently, Payment Depot offers SwipeSimple B250, an amazing mobile processing solution that connects using Bluetooth and accepts magstripe, NFC-based, and EMPV payment methods.  It’s also possible to use the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader and connect via the Authorize.Net gateway through Windows computers. At the base, you can get the card reader for $69 without a Bluetooth connection. However, the SwipeSimple Bluetooth contact reader costs $79.

Virtual Terminals

You will love that Payment Depot brings to you a free virtual terminal that works like a credit card terminal through your existing windows computer. This virtual terminal allows you to key in transactions manually. You can also use the optional BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader for swipes or dips.

Payment Gateways

Payment Depot