Mobile Merchant Accounts: Who’s The Best?

Updated on November 22, 2021

Let’s first start by talking about the benefits of accepting mobile payments and how it could help your business. Accepting payments through your mobile phone or through your customer’s mobile device is easier than you may think and can help you increase sales, track customer trends, inventory and improve customer loyalty. The new technology has made it extremely easy for businesses to adopt and implement as part of your daily routine. Even more important your customer’s will appreciate you for offering the convenience of faster payments and more secure technology.

Accepting mobile payments goes hand in hand with NFC (Near Field Communication) and can make it a breeze for check-out versus the dreaded timely check-out with swiping, signing and receipt process.

If saving money is important to you then you’ll find our payment providers to be right up your alley. We’ve looked at many providers that offer merchant accounts for mobile payments and found the ones that offer simple interchange pricing with outstanding reviews and verifiable testimonials.

We know the expenses involved with running a business and found the best mobile payment providers that are ideal to help you accept mobile payments at your store or on the run. Whether you’re looking for a card reader to attach to your mobile phone, tablet or wireless device, scan and camera readers, wireless terminals, keyed-in transactions, POS tablet, NFC acceptance terminal, POS system software, acceptance of Apple Pay or Android Pay our providers have you covered.

These payment providers have all received the 2015 “MSP” Merchant Service Provider Award and have an array of products, services and features that will truly make accepting mobile payments easier and have dedicated teams to help you implement and understand everything you need to know. We find many business owners are not aware of what this new technology can do for their business and will be amazed with the ease of use and how the new features and services will help increase your bottom line. Check out our “Award Winning” mobile payment providers below and we always recommend getting several quotes, compare and verify any special features or software you’re wanting to implement before making any decisions.

brand-paylinePayline Data has been perceived as the mobile payments provider for several years now and uses their Flint partner for low volume merchants processing 5K or less. They’ve earned a five-star rating on several other review sites and is one of our top picks for mobile processing. If you’re processing volume is over 5K per month we recommend you get set up with Payline’s Mobile app and process cards directly through a Payline Mobile merchant account. They offer two interchange pricing models for their merchants: The first is the Simple plan for 5K or less and has a $5 monthly fee, interchange rate of 0.50% with $0.10 transaction fee. The second is the Pro plan for merchants processing over 5k and has a $20 monthly fee, an interchange rate of 0.20% with $0.10 transaction fee. Payline does offer additional services but you only pay for what you need instead of being forced to pay for services you may not need at the time. The app is free, there’s no upfront costs and no card reader required. A quick synopsis of what you get is easy card scanning, send invoices, all payment types, customizable receipts and settings, quick payments and deposits with your very own merchant portal for transaction history. If you’ve been looking for better customer loyalty, you can create coupons and attach them to email receipts at the end of every transaction. Payline has all of the latest technology for EMV/NFC transactions, POS tablets and quite honestly have never seen such great and verifiable testimonials as we have from their reviews. We recommend to read their review or call and apply online today.

brand-dharmaDharma Merchant Services is the preferred mobile payments provider for many merchants and utilizes the Flint platform for mobile merchants processing under 10K per month which doesn’t need a card reader. Instead the Flint app allows you to use the camera on your phone to scan the credit or debit card numbers. Transparent low cost interchange pricing is what you’ll find when dealing with Dharma. For iPad processing they offer ShopKeep, a customer favorite which includes all of the hardware you’ll need to run your business for an affordable price of only $49 per month. Commonly referred to as business in a box, you get a 14’ cash drawer, a thermal Ethernet printer, obviously the cables to connect, an iPad stand for iPad Air, and Shopkeep pin pad/card reader. Merchants can enjoy the PAXs80, an EMV and NFC compliant terminal for as little as $299 with interest free monthly payments to be both EMV compliant and accept Near Field Communication payments. Whether you’re a restaurant wanting to accept payments at the table, a service contractor or would just like to send invoices via mobile and get paid faster, Dharma has many options to consider. Click here to read the review or call and apply online today.


With Cayan, you can process mobile payments through their Award Winning Genius EX, a virtual point-of-sale payment system. The app is free to all merchants and can be connected to any location where Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network is available. Cayan does not charge for gateway fees or cellular access fees, and although their go to rate plan is tiered rate pricing, they will offer interchange pricing upon request. You’ll be able to accept payments on virtually any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Request your card reader or if you prefer you can key enter your mobile payments. Their Genius Customer Engagement Platform not only allows you to accept NFC payments from Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay and many more but also give you the ability to have your very own unique rewards program. Additional benefits are chargeback protection, no caps on processing volume, next day funding and world-class security. If you’re looking for a provider that understands the payment industry we suggest to read their review or call and apply online.

brand-bluepayBluePay’s mobile merchant account makes processing credit cards, debit cards and even checks easy. Accept payments on your Android, iPhone and iPad by simply downloading the free mobile app, plug in your BluePay card reader for swipes or key in card information over the phone securely and quickly from your mobile device. You’ll be able to accept all major credit cards, sign receipts and provide refunds when necessary. With strict PCI standards and security such as E2EE and tokenization help you reduce risk and compromised data and guaranteed no credit card data is ever stored on your mobile device. The pricing model they offer is similar to a regular retail merchant account instead of high cost pricing compared to square but we recommend that you ask for interchange pricing. For EMV and NFC terminals, BluePay offers the Vx520 for customers to use accepting Near Field Communication payments. Keep the competitive edge, call and apply online or click here to read our review.

Square, Best Choice
for Low Volume
Credit Card Processing

Starting at 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.