Updated on January 7, 2022

Merchants Bancard Network Boasts a Secure-Cloud-Based Processing Network for Mobile Transactions. Gregory Bair

Merchants Bancard Network (MBN) has been in business for over 20 years and maintain their edge of technology for their clients. Instituting mobile credit card processing was only the first step. MBN also has a secure, cloud-based credit card processing network which allows them to save consumer data with no third party interference for their mobile clients. They believe so strongly in security that they use this private cloud to keep fewer eyes from viewing mobile customer’s information. Additionally, MBN educates their mobile clients about security with mobile transactions. Smart about fraud and technology, MBN is the right solution for businesses using a mobile platform.


Founded in 1991, Merchants Bancard is a full service company that meets the needs of a variety of merchants in the United States. Operating as a Merchant Services Provider, Merchants Bancard meets the needs of retailers, restaurants, on-the-go “mobile” companies, e-commerce sites, medical facilities, franchise companies, business-to-business, business-to client, and travel and hospitality.

They have helped more than 70,000 merchants to have a secure, high quality business payment system. They desire to provide personalized service to each and every customer, with building and maintaining good relationships being absolutely important.

With great support and products, they cater to the needs of merchants. With a proven philosophy, they cater to the needs of agents.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

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MBN’s mobile payment options are designed to be in accordance with PCI-DSS rules and specifications. While supporting Apple and Android devices, MBN has the most secure wireless network available and authorizations of super-sonic speed. Vendors do not need a landline and are not dependent on a power supply.  Payments can be accepted anywhere with tracking of every transaction.

QwickPay POS – This wireless system is highly secure; surpassing current PCI Compliance standards.  As soon as a card is swiped, all card data is encrypted along with the multi-layed security provided by MagneSafe.  So, this system is very safe.  It is very easy; all you need is your smartphone or tablet computer.  This allows the Merchants Bancard “merchant” ” who needs to get a payment processed right away to be a merchant “in the field, while maintaining security.  It simply requires a mobile signal (mobile connectivity).  The company does not store any data on the device; it merely transmits it using highly secure gateways and cloud computing technology.  Everything is done with the highest industry standard encryption methods.

This wireless system is perfect for so many different business situations, including:

  • A service business “in the field,” such as a consultant, a plumber, or a home improvement person
  • A traveling vendor
  • A storefront business that does not want to use a traditional computer register – this could be a business at a festival or outdoor event
  • Fast checkouts in the travel and hospitality industry, where the guest can easy charge room add-ons and even check out of the hotel or motel

Products and Services

If a full service company is on your holiday list, then Merchants Bancard is a company to learn more about.  They have a full range of POS terminal options, mobile processing, gift cards, loyalty programs, e-checks and other flexible e-commerce solutions.  Let’s review some of these.

POS Terminal Options – Here are a few highlights.  Go to their web site to see even more.  They offer both used and new equipment from major manufacturers.  What are you looking for?  A countertop, wireless or mobile solution?  They can meet those needs complete with POS software that will meet your company’s specific needs.  Merchants Bancard provides a full range of options, including for example, connecting on a traditional phone line or over the Internet, PINpads and SMART Card readers, thermal printers, and devices for Tap & Go credit or debit cards.  If you do not use a cash register or computer, they have a solution for you.

Online Shopping Carts –  Customers can use Merchants Bancard to setup their online shopping cart.  This helps merchants and individuals who need to accept credit card transactions over the Internet for their online store.  Merchants Bancard accepts all major cards, provide scure account verification and advanced tracking, and allows you to keep your shopping experience open 24/7.  One of the nice things about Merchants Bancard is that they provide customer education, so when you are reading about their online shopping cart (at their web site) you can also read about the issues of fraud and the ins and outs of facilitating a flawless checkout experience.

Merchants Bancard also has solutions for:

  • Gifts card, which can drive sales for the merchant.
  • Loyalty programs, which is an excellent method to say “thanks” to your very best customers.
  • E-checks, a “go green and “paperless” solution, allows merchants to accept checks, which can improve productivity and efficiency around invoicing and billing.

For E-business Customers – You Can Integrate Your Shipping Software –  Customers can use Merchants Bancard to improve their productivity and efficiency with the logistics side of their e-Commerce site.  It’s easy.  As a business person, you integrate the shipping software with the “payment platform system.  This saves time and reduces errors caused by typing the information a second or third time.  Through this automation and streamlining, you can get more work done with less time.  From a business perspective, it is very powerful.  It allows you to track shipments, prioritize orders, monitor inventory, coordinate purchase orders and invoicing, and more.  It is really amazing and Merchants Bancard can do it all for you.  Just call in and ask for some ideas and education that is specific for your business.

Medical Offices and Premier Merchant Processing – The medical industry has been and continues to improve productivity and efficiency with more automation and payment choices.  Merchants Bancard provides a designated account manager to ensure that medical office business needs are properly addressed, including using the best solutions as well as the very latest hardware and software so that there is the highest level of fraud protection.  The company provides extra training and assistance so that the medical practice is fully compliant and extra features can be used, such as properly handling recurring bills.  Compliance, efficiency, and training – that’s what Merchants Bancard provides the medical industry.

Rates and Fees – focusing on the Mobile Solution

  • You get the “side swiper” (that works with your smartphone) for free.
  • First pay: $10.00 a month.  $10.00 minimum.
  • $0.05 for each transaction.
  • $3.00 for your statement (paper statement that is postal mailed to you).
  • Tiered Pricing with Interchange Plus Rates, ranging from 1.79% (Qualified), to 2.19% (Mid-Qualified), and 2.49% (Non-Qualified). Most transactions will be the 1.79 to 2.19.  (This depends on the card brand you are accepting.)
  • PCI (security) – $2.95 monthly.
  • IRS (to ensure reporting) – $2.95 monthly.
  • Ability to view statements, all transactions, details – $2.95 monthly.