MasterCard Business Network 2.0 – Offering 2 Months Free Subscription

Updated on November 22, 2021


If you’re a U.S. Business owner, MasterCard is offering a 2 month complementary subscription for their MasterCard Business Network 2.0. This offer is valid until September 30, 2015.

Business owners and merchants from all across America have expressed their need to minimize costs and save time so they can engage with customers, both new and existing. With this is mind MasterCard Business Network 2.0 was created.

Merchants in today’s business environment switch hats frequently from CTO, chief technical officer to CFO, chief financial officer to CMO, chief marketing officer and typically is a daunting task. In comes Master Card Business Network 2.0 placing c-suite business information at the merchant’s fingertips with a simple click helping the business grow right when they need it the most. Card is now offering these tools at serious savings.

Any small business Card cardholder who subscribe to the curated, cloud-based tools exclusively offered by MasterCard Business Network 2.0 will receive 2 months free up to $200. Subscription must be activated by September 30, 2015. To see terms and conditions for this special offer, visit:

MCBN tools include discounts at almost 70% off retail pricing:

Sage One – accounting – e-commerce site building and hosting

Xpenditure – expense management

Mozypro – data backup and storage

Constant Contact – email marketing

Zendesk – automate customer service

SiteWit – paid search campaigns

Epoq – contracts and legal advice

With the joint effort of BCSG and MasterCard, these tools bring a mutual effort of supporting small businesses goals and business objectives to a new level. To try or sign up for MasterCard Business Network 2.0 subscription visit:

Additional solutions integrated for business owners include:

Helping merchants accept card payments, regardless of card brand, an auto-rebate program for Master  Card business cardholders, rare experiences for dining, sports, entertainment and shopping along with valuable advice for managing finances, growing sales, business info and technology trends.

To learn more about MasterCard, visit: or if you want to follow on twitter @MasterCardNews or you can join in on the discussion at Beyond the Transaction Blog.


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