10 Rates & Fees Excellent
10 BBB Rating & Complaints Excellent - Zero Complaints
9.9 Terms & Contract Excellent - Standard High Risk Terms
10 Competitive Advantages Excellent - Domestic & Offshore / Multiple Awards

Updated on November 22, 2021

Vantage Payments Review


Vantage Payments, established in 2008 represents Domestic Banks, Offshore Banks, Third Party Processors, ACH Processors, and Check 21 Processors. Their corporate headquarters are located at 8300 N. Hayden Rd., Suite A207, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Vantage is a payment processing provider that serves all types of processing, but they excel in the high risk industry for both domestic and international merchant accounts. They have been recognized and awarded for best processing company for online dating, travel, and best high risk.

The Company maintains good client relations by providing information and insight into common problems that may affect payments and helping their clients achieve success. Vantage Payments is a global merchant services provider that offers payment solutions to a variety of businesses. The Company provides service to high-risk merchants and is dedicated to meeting the client needs with an emphasis on cost-efficiency, safety, and reliability. As mentioned above, Vantage Payments sounds like a dream, especially to merchants who specialize in High Risk businesses.

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Rates and Fees

Vantage Payments does not publically disclose their rates or fees, as there is no fair way to standardize these rates and fees which is common in the high risk industry. A merchant should call or message to negotiate their rates and fees. Vantage Payments treats merchants with fairness and aims to secure a merchant’s business.

BBB Rating

There are no negative or positive reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau website, and Vantage Payments maintains an A+ rating from BBB. The main reasons this company is awarded an A+ rating since July, 2013 include zero complaints and length of business operations.


Currently, there are no known complaints from clients filed against Vantage Payments. This lack is a hefty recommendation for the company and its services, which prides itself on customer service and meeting the needs of the consumer.

Contract Terms

Vantage Payments does not advertise their contract terms because they are not standardized. A different combination of terms will be offered to different merchants, dependent on location, riskiness, and many other fair factors.

Competitive Advantages

For the high risk merchant, Vantage Payments specializes in both domestic and offshore merchant accounts and has strategic alliances with banks, processors and acquiring networks throughout the globe. Their merchant services include multi-currency processing, e-wallet solutions, standard high hisk and aggregated accounts. This ensures all of their clients cost effective, safe, and reliable payment solutions for domestic and international processing.

High Risk Merchant Accounts:

Adult Dating / Dating
Airlines and Travel
Astrology & Horoscope
Bad Credit
Continuity Merchant Accts
Cord Blood Storage
Digital Downloads
Direct Response
Discount Vouchers
E cigarettes / Vaporizers
Ecommerce Industries
Educational Seminars
Employment Agencies
EU Gambling / Gaming
Health & Beauty
Hemp Oil
Pharma (Retail and Licensed)
MLM / Network Marketing
Mobile Apps / Downloads
SEO & Hosting
Ticket Agencies
Title Loans & Collections*
TMF Merchants
Tour Operators
Trial Offers
TV and Radio Direct Response
US Based Tech Support

Customer Service and Tech Support

Vantage Payments makes service easily available to clients via their website or telephone number. No complaints have been found against their service. Through their Facebook page the Company invites clients and potential clients to meet up in person at expos and conventions.

Technical support is staffed in-house for Vantage Payments and has received no negative reviews.