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Durango Merchant Services Review

Durango Merchant Services Bridges the Gap for High Risk Merchants. Gregory Bair

In the United States, accepting credit cards with a merchant account can raise your potential sales by an average of 75 million U.S. customers. Analysts of the industry have estimated that 90% of consumers use a credit card when purchasing products and services online. The sad truth is that many merchants do not even realize they are high risk, even though they are running honest businesses and many processing companies who specialize in high risk accounts are often unfair and biased, or even a high risk themselves.

Even for merchants who have been rejected for an account, Durango Merchant Services is an established, credible and honest company that specializes in high risk processing needs. Durango Merchant Services is a Better Business Bureau accredited service who is waiting to help, backed by the experience and understanding every merchant deserves


Durango Merchant Services is a world-class merchant processing group which focuses their efforts on both high-risk and traditional merchant processing needs. Although they specialize in providing services for merchants who have difficulty finding a processing company, they also focus on granting a greater service to merchants needing a traditional account. Durango has been in the business since 1999 with a clientele of over 10,000 merchants. Durango Merchant Services is located in Durango, Colorado.

Durango has an excellent reputation for customer service.  Their system of customer service assigns each merchant an account with a dedicated sales manager for the life of the account, who can navigate the complex matrix of credit card and eCheck processing of payments. Each and every sales manager has an average of ten years of payment processing experience.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

People and businesses are steeped in self-esteem. Most merchants do not have an epiphany, and suddenly realize they are high risk and instead are rejected repeatedly for credit card processing until they are left to accept any available offer.  Unfortunately many of these offers have quite unsavory stipulations attached, or are even starkly taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Durango Merchant Services is a dedicated partner who specializes in high risk merchant accounts. They are not here to punish, but to support and assist the high risk merchant.

Rates and fees for high risk accounts are dependent on the type and location of the business and the level of risk assessed. There are so many factors which effect pricing.  Although, Durango is a highly rated very honest company, there are just some things which cannot be disclosed until they have a better understanding of the needs of the merchant. This research also ensures the merchant, the price will be based on true factors, not just a label.

Products and Services

Durango Merchant Services operates in varying ways to meet consumer demand:

  • eCommerce
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • Retail
  • Mobile


Durango Merchant Services offers eCommerce accounts to merchants who have previously been declined or operate high risk businesses. For those merchants whom are eligible for a traditional eCommerce account, Durango is ready to offer a higher service level.

Durango also offers the following PCI compliant gateway services to their merchants:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Recurring Billing
  • Free Shopping Cart
  • Buy Now Button Generators
  • Email Invoicing
  • Customer Vault
  • PCI Certification

These benefits are also offered:

  • Quickbooks SyncPay
  • Mobile Payments
  • Batch Uploads & API Integration
  • Fraud Protection Tools
  • VbV & 3DSC
  • AVS & CBB Rule Matching
  • Loan Balancing

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO

This service is offered by Durango to merchants in telemarking and direct mail campaigns.

Retail Merchants

With Durango Merchant Services ‘most basic Hypercom T7 terminal, and their fastest IP-enabled terminals, and even USB-based computer card readers (with QuickBooks compatibility), they have the right equipment for a retail merchant’s card swiping needs. They also have wireless terminals available for use by merchants.

Mobile Merchants

Durango Merchant Services supports a wide range of mobile devices from iPhone to Android, and even Blackberry. They also support the iPad. Simply contact an account manager to receive further details on the most appropriate solution for your mobile merchant operation.

Check Processing

Tens of Millions in the US do not have sufficient credit for procuring a credit card. These customers want to order products too but are forced to use checks as they have no available credit. This is a huge untapped financial resource for merchants who do not accept eChecks.

In this competitive market, selecting a reliable partner to process checks is an intelligent business choice. Durango Merchant Services has the most recent technology to assist the merchant in accepting check payments in person, online, in the mail, or over the phone. The most efficiently run businesses use various payment options which boost sales potential, lower expense, quicken the collections process, and protect from fraud targeting.

Millions of potential customers cannot get credit, others may not have enough available credit and some may just prefer to pay via check. Allowing check payment extends the reach of a merchant into other economic pools that they would never reach when only accepting credit cards.

This eCheck process works by the customer selecting the online eCheck option available on the website, and entering the bank account information requested on the site. The funds are deducted from the customer’s checking account and deposited into the merchant account. Durango offers the merchant an account manager to facilitate this process.

Fraud Protection

Durango Merchant Services feels very strongly about fraud protection. It is imperative for all merchants, but even more so for those merchants categorized as high risk. If a transaction is deemed fraudulent, the merchant takes the loss on both the cost of the goods or services, and from a processor penalty. If more than 1% of sales results in chargebacks, the merchant’s account is terminated, which can force a merchant out of business. The merchant may even be placed on the TMF list, preventing them from procuring any account, even high risk.  These laws are in place for the protection of customers, not the merchants. The merchant must protect their business from fraud.

Durango offers fraud protection to their merchants using MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, Fraud Scrubbing and dCheck Demand Draft.

Rates and Fees

  • Durango Merchant Services will not disclose their rates or fees, as there is no fair way to standardize these rates and fees. A merchant should call and negotiate their rates and fees. Durango treats merchants with fairness and really tries to win a merchant’s business, sometimes offering interchange-plus pricing, or waving the early termination fee, particularly for lower risk merchants. For high risk merchants the rates and fees will be higher than average, and will have an early termination fee.

Contract Terms

Durango does not advertise their contract terms because they are not standardized. A different combination of terms will be offered to different merchants, dependent on location, riskiness, and many other fair factors. They do negotiate, however.

Durango offers many different contract terms:

  • Low risk merchants can often get a month-to-month contract with no termination fee
  • High risk merchants can expect a 2-3 year contract with an early termination fee assessed at $300-$500
  • Sometime Durango will remove the auto-renewal clause if the early termination fee is present
  • They do negotiate

Customer Service

The internet is teeming with glowing reviews of Durango’s customer services, setting them far removed from many other high risk merchant specialists. There is a lot more work involved in managing a high risk account, particularly with customer service. There are many complex questions asked, and a lot of obstacles to overcome. Durango handles it all with grace and a friendly, helpful attitude. They treat people like people.

Technical Support

Durango staffs in-house technical support who has also received great reviews.

Reviews / Testimonials

There are more than 20 reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) TrustLink website—all with 5 stars. The most common comments used are as follows:

  • High approval rate—even multiple denial ridden merchants can often find approval with Durango.
  • Quick and reliable set-up—high risk account set-up is lengthy, but Durango surprises merchants with their speed and accuracy.
  • Excellent customer service—an exceptionally different experience in service for high risk merchants

The following 5-star reviews were found on the Better Business Bureau’s TrustLink website:

  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Durango Merchant Services and words cannot tell how pleased I was with my whole experience. They had me up and running in two business days and helped out in every way possible. I will be recommending them to anyone I come across that needs a merchant account. 
  • Durango Merchant has given us 110% from the moment we found their company. When we first started our business we were turned down by other merchant services because of the type of business we have. They have also helped us during our companies growth. The hurdles that we’ve had to overcome as a business have been made easier by their level of expertise and effort. There have been countless times we’ve called them (Brad handles our account) and they call back with the solution. Usually they just handle everything for us. It’s been fantastic! 
  • Durango Merchant Service, LLC has been a huge part of our success at GS Labs, Inc. They really understand our line of business and have helped us where no other company could. We contacted close to 10 other merchant company’s, most did not even return our call, or if they did, they had no idea how to work with a company in our field. Durango Merchant Service, LLC has been very responsive to any questions that have arisen. I have been surprised many times at the quick response to email, even late at night and on the weekends. I would recommend anyone looking for a merchant account to contact Durango Merchant Service, LLC.
  • I have an e-commerce business selling “high risk products”. After speaking with countless other credit card processing companies offering to set me up with a merchant account and gateway at ridiculously high rates, I found Nathan at Durango. Nathan was by far the most helpful, responsive, and attentive person I spoke with through the entire search. He was also non-aggressive but still made me feel that my business was valuable to him. The rates at Durango are relatively pretty good for “high risk merchant accounts”, but combined with their service, I am definitely happy with my bang for my buck. Full disclosure: My company sells electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. 
  • After wrongly being terminated by a previous processor for swearing at their customer service rep. I contacted Brad. He was great to work with. After explaining the situation he made no promises other than to investigate and see if he could help. Withinthree day I was approved, setup and running cards. Highly recommended!


The Durango Merchant Services profile on the BBB site has an A+ rating for their business and no complaints have been identified. On other sites there have been no complaints for the last several years.

There are several “complaints” from merchants being denied, however Durango cannot legally approve every merchant. Durango responded and invited the merchant to contact them to see if they could resolve it.

Durango even responds in kind to appealingly fraudulent claims about a processor Durango works with.

No other negative reviews have been found—a stark reminder that Durango Merchant Services is not your average high risk processor.


There seems to be no other services out there quite like Durango Merchant Services—they really punctuate the service. They are solution-driven and do not shame a high risk applicant. They rise above the slime that high risk merchants usually have to deal with. They are professional problem solvers who take on issues that other companies avoid. They price and contract fairly based on what each merchant’s portfolio displays, not categorizing high risk merchants as a one-size-fits-all moniker that dictates the contract template.

The sales team is professional and ready to work, the customer service department is friendly and ready to help, and the technical services department is skilled and ready to troubleshoot. Call them today!