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Updated on November 22, 2021

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High Risk Merchant Account Approval Tips

You’re probably going nuts trying to get approved for your high risk merchant account and with good reason. You did your research and the business you worked so hard on needs to accept credit cards so you can start making excellent profits, I get it. Being turned down by credit card processors is no fun but the good news is you just need to find the right merchant account and that’s where we come in. From Adult Entertainment, Cannabis Dispensaries, Nutraceuticals, Online Gambling, E-Cigarettes, Vapor and more, we can help you find the right high risk merchant account provider.

Yes we have many contacts for domestic high risk if you’re in the U.S. and international if we need to take you abroad. We specialize in credit card processing reviews and have the inside scoop on the best merchant account providers for Retail, Mobile, e-Commerce, MOTO, and High Risk.

After looking at some of the other review sites, they have a few but chances are you’ve already tried them. You need someone that goes the extra mile to make sure you get the account you deserve for your business. BCR works with hundreds of high-risk processors.

First go to the reviews page and look at the standard high risk merchant accounts and if you’ve already applied, contact us as soon as possible and let the pros go to work for you.

High Risk Payment Processing List:

Adult Entertainment

Adult Toys & Products

Adult Videos

Airline Tickets



Cash Advance


Credit Repair

Collection Agencies


Dating Websites

Debt Consolidation

Digital Download

Downloadable Software

E-Cigarettes & Vapor

Educational Software


Escort Services

Extended Warranties

Financial Services

Forex Trading

Gun Dealers


Insurance Brokers

Internet Gambling


Penny Auction

Law Firms

Loan Services

Matrimonial Services

Medical Marijuana

Membership Sites

Multi-Level Marketing   (MLM)


Online Casinos

Online Gaming

Online Retail

Payday Loans

Personal Injury


PPI Claims

Phone Sex

Scholarship Programs


Social Gaming

Stock Trading

Strip Clubs

Tech Support, U.S. Only



Travel & Reservations

Weight Loss



Apply for High Risk

David Gilliam

Founder at Best of Category Reviews

David has worked in the payment industry since 2005 and after coming across an extremely difficult high risk merchant account he started his research on high risk processing. After pursuing the right account for this merchant, he realized that the company now had over 100 high risk providers and contacts in the industry for both domestic and international high risk accounts. He founded Best of Category Reviews so his customers wouldn’t have to go through the grueling time, effort and discouragement he went through when trying to find the right merchant account for his customers. If you’re in a unique or similar situation, he’s the right guy to talk to. He really does go the extra mile for his clients.

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