The Best Options to Big Commerce

Updated on November 22, 2021

The Best Options to BigCommerce

Do you have a good product to sell but couldn’t find a way because you are a new merchant? Do you think you don’t have the necessary knowledge regarding the setting up, maintaining, or migrating an online store? Conversely, are you a well-established vendor with a lot of customers, but you are experiencing a malfunctioning website? And are you ready for a perfect alternative to BigCommerce which is your current platform of choice?

If these questions addressed the challenges you are facing, then you are at the right place.

There is different between each and every business, store and merchant. There shouldn’t be any surprise that there are many field which you can choose from whenever you build an online store. There is different between each and every one of them and what is suitable for one might not be suitable for another. It can also be very tricky to select the perfect shopping cart for you. However, do away with your fear because at Best of Category Reviews, we have done all the necessary research, testing as well as reviewing the major shopping cart which is available for usage. Instead of researching on the perfect one for you, you can check our salient points here. In this content, we focused mainly on the alternatives to BigCommerce, which is popularly used by online vendors. BigCommerce is very unique among the shopping cart software available to online merchants and this is as a result of its unlimited storage, products, bandwidth, its lack of transaction fees as well as several integral features. However, there are several alternative to BigCommerce which anyone who wish to change can use. Below is the three which are very appealing to customers: Volusion, Shopify, and Lemonstand.

Table of Contents

  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • LemonStand
  • Conclusion


This is one of the popular eCommerce website which can be found and this is because of a good reason. There are about 325,000 active stores which are using its services; this cart’s track which is recorded among businesses from start-ups to large brands is nothing to sneeze at. There is need for you to look at the benefit which you’ll enjoy if you are thinking of switching to Shopify from BigCommerce.

  • Unlimited products and bandwidth
  • A POS app that syncs your store’s inventory with your device
  • Integration with Facebook on all plans
  • A wide variety of apps
  • $9/month Lite Plan for vendors who don’t want a full website, including only Buy Now buttons and a Facebook Store.

How you can compare it with BigCommerce

Both BigCommerce and Shopify have great features which are well discussed in the Shopify vs. BigCommerce comparison. There are more than 100 themes which are being offered by Shopify for any store while BigCommerce has only 87. The two of them are well optimized for mobile users and has a numerous benefits.

Although this is not good news but once you search the internet you’ll find complaint about the shortcomings of shopify. (This can cause a great setback for people who have been looking for a fee-free BigCommerce, however there is a way out. So as to avoid all these challenges you can use Shopify payment rather than external payment gateway.)

Another advantage of BigCommerce is that it includes gift certificates in all the plans whereas Shopify only include them in the two major plans. Of all the alternatives to BigCommerce which are discussed here, Shopify is the one which we recommend, but you can keep reading if you do not like it.


As you can rightly read from our reviews, Volusion is also an alternative to BigCommerce. It has been in use since 1999 and has continued to evolve and also adapt to the changes in the market. Here are the things which you’ll get if you sign up with Volusion:

  • Unlimited storage
  • No transaction fees
  • Facebook Store integration
  • Excellent customer support
  • New, mobile responsive themes

The Best Way To Compare It With BigCommerce

There are many lovely things about both carts which everyone would like and that is why we’ve done a comprehensive comparison between Volusion and BigCommerce for the enjoyment of our readers. The two platforms have unlimited storage and there is no transaction fees. However, Volusion’s bandwidth is limited and is accompanied by a coverage fees which have resulted to many complaints. The plan of BigCommerce is categorized by yearly revenue while Volusion on the other hand divide its own pricing by some products.

The two platforms have a similar set of theme selection, however Volusion delayed its development of mobile responsive themes, and they have a full collection now.

There is ability to edit any theme of your choice by using built-in WYSIWYG and other user friendly theme editors on BigCommerce and Volusion. However, if there is need for you to make any major change, you will have to get into the code.

There is similarity in the features offered by BigCommerce and Volusion. Your decision between the two platforms may be due to the price which is being offered because the pricing of each of the platform is based on various factors.


LemonStand was launched in the year 2010 and is relatively newer than BigCommerce but is well designed with lovely features. As you can read from our reviews, LemonStand is a great option, especially for companies which are just growing and any company or individuals who want to migrate from a different shopping cart. The features which you will enjoy are listed below if you find yourself in any of these categories.

  • Free, mobile-friendly, highly customizable themes
  • Excellent customer service
  • All core features available at every price point
  • Unlimited products, product categories, and images
  • No transaction fees

How You can compare it with BigCommerce

The aim of LemonStand and BigCommerce is to provide several features and applications to the users but BigCommerce further broaden this horizon. As at when this article is been written, LemonStand does not offer any gift cards, wish lists or any other multilingual support. With that, LemonStand is about catching up with various features which are being released from time to time.

The main feature which makes LemonStand to be unique among all other BigCommerce is its customizing ability. There are about fourteen themes which are available for user to customize to suit their taste. Also each and every single theme if free and can be used on mobile device, so there is no need to worry about the difficulty on any mobile device. In addition, all the checkout pages can be customized.

This is a great setback for people who feel they are being limited by the template of BigCommerce. And this does not imply that you need a web designer seasonally which will result to an extra cost if you decide to outsource.


BigCommerce is awesome for most online merchants but if you do not like the platform, you can opt in for other alternatives such as Shopify, Volusion, and LemonStand.

If you also want to read more about eCommerce options, you can check Best of Category Reviews’ list of shopping cart provider reviews. You will be allowed to test most of these platforms so that you’ll be sure it’s the right one for you. Enjoy the search!

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