Best Merchant Account For Veterinarians

Updated on November 22, 2021

Veterinarians have always been essential workers for those pet owners who consider their pets to be members of the family, and the spread of Covid-19 has only confirmed the vital role veterinarians have in our society. Pet moms and dads will stop at nothing to ensure that their beloved pets are healthy and happy and in order to do that they need to retain the services of a reliable vet. And being a reliable veterinarian does not just mean being a qualified medical professional in this day and age. In order to appear professional to your customers and earn their trust, the entire operation needs to be run as smoothly as possible. And this first and foremost includes offering your clients easy, quick, and safe payment options.

clover miniThe easy payment process is the cornerstone of the pet parents’ and veterinarians’ relationship, and here in Dharma Merchant Services, we make sure that this process runs as smoothly as possible so that vets and their clients can focus on what really matters: the pets’ health. Veterinarians need a reliable merchant account provider because they have unique needs when it comes to processing payments from their clients. Vets need to charge for the services they provide as well as process the retail store payments. All of these operations will run smoothly with the help of the equipment offered by Dharma. The vast majority of pet parents pay their veterinarians in the retail space or the front office using either a credit card terminal or a Clover POS system. But what about those clients who are feeling bereft because they just had to say goodbye to their beloved pet. They understandably might prefer to make their payment in private, away from the curious eyes of other clients in the common space. For situations like these Dharma offers various mobile payment solutions that enable grieving customers to make payments privately in treatment rooms.

It does not matter how your clients will choose to pay for your services, with the help of Dharma they will be able to do it.

More and more people nowadays prefer to use their smartphones to make payments for any service, and veterinarians are no exception. Dharma’s inexpensive smartphone mobile solutions will help you satisfy your clients’ demand for convenient payment methods.

Whether your clients have an apple device or an Android they can go on the Apple App store or the Google Play store and download a free MX Merchant Express app whose simple design and speed make the financial transactions child’s play. Through the app, your clients can customize their tips, signature settings, and create notes and memos. Veterinarians can make use of various features designed to speed up the payment process. Such as simply snapping a photo of the credit card to fill in the information and keeping the regular customers’ card on file for future payments. Vets can also send their customers receipts of the completed transactions.

Another must-have piece of equipment for veterinarians is the Walker 2 which allows you to process credit cards in a blink of an eye. It is compatible with modern iOS and Android devices, and its highly advanced encryption technology ensures the safety and security of each transaction.

One of the biggest advantages Dharma Merchant Services provides to veterinarians is the ability to store an unlimited amount of customer data. Gone are the days when you had to flick through dozens of dusty documents to find the right customer. Dharma’s Customer Database, which is included in the MX, all of your customer information is at your fingertips. Veterinarians can store multiple sets of data per customer (different credit cards, email addresses, phone numbers, even birthdays, and any relevant preferences). Dharma’s customer database will make the logistical part of any veterinarian’s job as easy and quick as it could possibly be, so they will be able to devote even more time to cure their patients.

Your repeat customers will surely appreciate such professionalism as they will be spared from any unnecessary delays. They might already be concerned as it is, due to their beloved pets’ health condition, the last thing they need is to be annoyed by the subpar payment methods. Veterinarians who use Dharma Merchant Services never have to worry about that.

You can also create a fully customized recurring payment schedule for your repeat customers and charge them weekly or monthly (and even choose on which day of the week to charge them!) Vets can either select a specific number of recurring payments or charge their customers “indefinitely”.

And we have not forgotten about the taxes either. Vets can set various applicable tax amounts for the charges.

And invoicing has never been easier. Dharma Merchant Services offers its customers MX Invoicing that is easy to read and comprehend. Your customers will know exactly what they are paying for and how much, so there is no chance of misunderstanding and confusion. When your customer receives their invoice paying it could not be easier, all they need to do is press “click to pay”.

The invoice can also be used to promote your brand as you can customize it with your unique logo and heading of your choice. Personalization does not stop here! You can also add unique memos for your customers or pet patients. They will surely appreciate such attention. It will help you build a personal relationship with your customers, which will lead to customer loyalty. And loyalty is essential for the success of any business and veterinarians are no exception.

And finally, our MX Account Updater will make sure that none of the clients’ cards you have saved are out of date by automatically reaching out to their bank and updating the expired payment methods. So you will not have to worry about updating your clients’ payment information ever again.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits veterinarians can accrue by collaborating with Dharma Merchant Services. We have truly thought about everything. Veterinarians are entrusted with the health of our beloved pets so they need to inspire trust. And few things shake the foundation of that trust as much as an outdated payment system. Do not let this be the reason your customers lose faith in you, contact Dharma Merchant Services for the best merchant account for veterinarians now.

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