Best Merchant Account for Medical and Healthcare

Updated on November 22, 2021

Health Care Providers

Best Merchant Account for Medical and Health Care Providers Industry. The Health Care Providers, Medical and Merchant Services industry has special needs when accepting payments from patients and many require a Merchant Service Provider that specializes in the healthcare industry. State-of-the-art-technology is now available for Medical Merchant Accounts and Healthcare credit card processing payments which include online billing, taking payments over the phone, one-time and recurring billing, and patient tracking all with a more secure way to store data reducing the chance of a compromise or breach of system. Many doctor’s offices and healthcare providers are still using their local bank or provider they’ve had for many years without realizing the cost of paying high rates and how much the right provider could increase productivity and help the physician’s or medical practices bottom line.

It is also important that your credit card processor gives you the ability to accept HSA cards from your patients which will streamline the process for the medical practice and patients as well. What about equipment to accept payments? Many healthcare providers are still using outdated equipment but with the EMV deadline set for October 15, 2015, physicians, doctor’s offices and the healthcare industry in general will need to upgrade their equipment to be both EMV and NFC compliant for chip card technology and near field communication.

We know as a healthcare provider that finding the time to do the research required to find the right match for your payment needs is limited so we have put together a list of award winning providers that specialize in the medical and healthcare industry. Our providers work with thousands of practices including but not limited to:

•Physicians •Doctors •Medical Practices •Dentists •Orthodontists •Chiropractors •Optometrists •Ophthalmologists •Opticians •Optical  Goods and Eyeglasses •Podiatrists •Veterinarians •Hospitals •Hearing  Aids, Sales, Service and Supplies •Dermatologists •Plastic Surgeons •Medical and Dental Labs, plus many more….

To find the best provider for your medical practice view our retail reviews page.

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