Best e-Commerce Merchant Accounts

Updated on November 22, 2021

E-commerce services

There are some Best Merchant E-commerce services provider for online business will contact you much easier.  It’s important to make sure that the pricing is right for the size of your company and they support the full range of credit card processing services. Our e-commerce services providers have been awarded the MSP Award from for their e-Commerce services and can help with payment gateways, shopping cart integration, hosted checkout pages and virtual terminals. Some of the e-commerce services providers include everything you need with the standard e-Commerce package and also offer interchange pricing, which is a must if your business is handling a lot of credit card and debit volume. We’ve compiled a list of providers below that are poised for success and enjoy developing long lasting relationships with their merchants.

E-commerce services

BluePay has become such a popular merchant account provider for e-commerce services purposes that they have won an award for their services. They are one of the few account providers that are able to offer everything a merchant may want in just one place. They are able to handle online payments with their payment gateway, but they are also able to handle ach payments and recurring billing and simplify the process by integrating with major shopping carts and providing fast, secure transactions. For any e-commerce company that wants to be able to have all of their merchant needs handled by one company, this is definitely the one they should consider first.

E-commerce services

If you are running an e-commerce business, then CDG Commerce will look very appealing indeed. They have been built with e-commerce in mind, which is why they offer their Quantum Gateway payment processing services absolutely free for e-commerce businesses. This is a service they have been offering for nearly 10 years now and are even able to get e-commerce accounts activated, up and running within one hour. There’s no wonder that so many e-commerce businesses are now turning to CDG Commerce for their merchant account needs. To apply for their one hour approval, click here.


Dharma has become a very popular merchant account provider with e-commerce businesses, mainly because of their ability to handle credit card payments at very low rates. They also care a great deal about the community they came from, which is why they donate large chunks of their net profits to good causes. So not only are you given great merchant account services for very low fees, but you also get the good feeling of knowing that the money you have given them will be put towards something that will help people less fortunate. If you have any doubts or questions about your e-Commerce processing needs, get in touch with Dharma and you won’t be sorry.


If you are looking for a merchant account provider that is able to offer next day funding, then Leap Payments is definitely the one you need. They are able to process credit card payments very quickly for a small additional fee so you’ll receive your funds from transactions very quickly. They also have a lifetime lock on their rates for processing credit card payments, so you can be assured that the rates are not going to go up suddenly at any point. Leap works with existing cart plug-ins and can offer many different secure shopping carts to give your customers the ultimate experience. A quality e-Commerce company you should consider or get a quote from.

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