BCR is One-Stop-Shopping for All Credit Card Processing

Updated on November 22, 2021

Credit Card Processing

Whether you have a retail location, mobile or wireless, an E-commerce website, take cards over the phone or in need of a high risk account, BCR has you covered. Exciting new research breaks it down by category so you’re not wasting time with the wrong merchant account information. Our award winning MSP’s or Merchant Service Providers are ready to help with all of your payment processing needs.

With BCR, or BestofCategoryReviews.com you’ll find all of the heavy lifting has been done with extensive research while each MSP has passed our stringent test and review criteria. We know it’s tough enough to find a good merchant account and more importantly finding someone you can trust so before you go through the long drawn out research and possibly hours or even days of googling, calling and going back and forth, treat yourself to the site that will take you on a pleasant journey. One where you can still do your own research by reading extensive reviews, visit sites and even apply online quickly. With BCR you’re not stuck with just one company but an array of award winning MSP’s that want to get and keep your business the old fashioned way, by earning it.

Not only will you find interchange pricing but also no contracts, no cancel fees along with superior customer service. Each and every MSP can help set up or switch your account, make sure you’re PCI and EMV compliant so you don’t risk any compromises. Most business minded people dred the task of finding a new merchant account, but with BCR you’ll find it’s fast, easy and secure. We look forward to helping with your journey to find the right merchant provider for your business. Thank you for your consideration.

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Credit Card Processing

Starting at 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.