Updated on January 12, 2022

Top Reasons Merchants Use Our Service 

Credit Card Processsing

No surcharges or surprise markups here. We onTime for Transparency words on a white clock face to illustrate honesty, sincerity, forthrightness and truthfulnessly work with merchant service providers that have excellent ratings, transparent business practices and offer interchange-plus pricing. This type of pricing is the fairest and most transparent pricing model in the industry and we show you the Kiss Method to Understand Interchange-Plus Pricing and help you understand how and why it’s the best pricing for your merchant account. You’ll find our credit card processors are some of the most competitive in the marketplace and customers/merchants stay with them for years if not forever.

Mainstays you can depend on:

▪ 100% transparency

▪ Low and fair interchange-plus pricing

▪ No long term contracts or cancel fees

▪ No bait and switch tactics or hidden downgrade fees

▪ Quick easy application and startup

▪ Honest and ethical solutions for your business

▪ Highest level of security


Superior & Unsurpassed Customer Service


Our Service

Our recommended providers are the “Best of the Best” and their customer service is no different. We put our payment providers through a rigorous vetting process, verify and re-verify to make sure that everything we recommend to merchants are completely accurate. When it comes to customer service our payment providers will exceed your expectations because they understand how payment services can affect your business whether it’s answering a question or resolving a technical issue. You can expect 24/7 in-house service and many times on a first name basis. Happy merchants want to stay with their provider and that’s exactly what you can expect.


Custom Solutions to Fit Your Business


Our Service

EMV/Near Field Communication

Our providers have you covered with everything from the EMV liability shift so you won’t be held liable for fraudulent card transactions to top of the line POS systems, mobile and innovative e-commerce solutions, all designed with seamless integration so you can accept cards in-store, on-the-go or online. You can be assured that the recommended payment providers will answer any and all of your questions until you’re totally satisfied and confident with your new products and or services. That’s a guarantee you won’t find many places.


Giving Back


Best of Category Reviews selects various nonprofit organizations Our Serviceeach year and donates to those in need, supporting the greater community and is passionate about making a difference. Be better and be part of the movement. You can be assured when you use our site to secure your merchant account that not only do we give back a part of each transaction, so do the providers we recommend. When you let the provider know you found them through Best of Category Reviews, you’re giving back, the provider is giving back, we’re giving back and best part is it doesn’t cost you a penny. As a matter of fact it actually saves the average business owner 30-40% of the overall cost compared to most payment providers. Nice.

Square, Best Choice
for Low Volume
Credit Card Processing

Starting at 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.