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Stax Payments Review (Formerly Fattmerchant) Stax Review with Rates, Fees & Complaints

Dera Joseph | Jan 3, 2022 | Advertiser Disclosure

Stax Payments, formerly Stax by Fattmerchant, is a U.S. merchant services provider based in Orlando, Florida that has been operating since 2014. The company offers merchant services through fixed monthly subscriptions and 0% interchange fee markups, and serves more than 12,000 small businesses, large companies and software platforms. Membership or subscription pricing is a deviation or variation of interchange-plus pricing, and the big difference is the markup percentage is 0%. Today, Stax Payments has powered more than $9 billion in transactions.

Pros of Stax Payments include an easy-to-use dashboard, transparent pricing, lower transaction fees and all-in-one invoicing and billing software, which make the company a great option for larger businesses, subscription-based retailers and businesses that process recurring payments. However, Stax’s relatively longer application and setup process and monthly subscription fees, as well as less robust software, may be an issue for some businesses.

What is Stax?

Formerly known as Sunshine Payment Services, followed by Stax by Fattmerchant, Stax Payments offers subscription-based merchant services that allow businesses to process payments from anywhere, in any way (on the phone, in-person, online, etc.) in one single platform. Stax claims to be the only payment processor to offer an omni-channel solution for merchants, and the company’s software platform also provides data analytics and the ability to integrate with other business tools such QuickBooks.

Stax Payments is not a direct processor and is a partner/reseller of Worldpay (formerly known as NPC/Vantiv). The company is one of few merchant service providers who offer their services for a single, all-inclusive monthly fee. Stax Payments has recently undergone some changes, including modifications to its pricing structure, as well as expanding outside of the U.S. The company claims to save merchants an average of 40% on their overall processing costs.

Stax by Fattmerchant: What Products and Services Does Stax Offer?

Stax Payments offers an integrated, all-in-one payment processing platform which includes the following products and services.

Payment Processing Services

Stax offers a number of payment processing products and services, including:

  • Merchant Accounts: Stax Payments provides full-service merchant accounts with a unique merchant ID number for each business.
  • Integrations: Stax offers numerous third-party integrations, so merchants can integrate Stax’s payment processing into other solutions, including POS systems, and use Stax terminals to accept in-person payments.
  • Countertop Terminals: Stax Payments sells countertop terminals outright, rather than leasing them. Brick-and-mortar merchants who require a countertop payment device can choose between several Dejavoo terminals (along with the PAX A920). For merchants who already have a terminal, Stax by Fattmerchant will reprogram it to work with its system for free. Merchants can also add a protection plan to get more comprehensive support for their terminals.
  • Virtual Terminal: The virtual terminal is the ideal choice for merchants who mainly take phone orders and key in payments through a computer. Stax’s virtual terminal also allows access to a inventory management, invoicing, and a customer database. The virtual terminal can also connect to Stax’s credit card readers, allowing merchants to take advantage of in-person rates.
  • Shopping Cart: More advanced than the virtual terminal’s website payment feature, the Stax Payments shopping cart is designed for eCommerce businesses who sell online. The Stax Shopping Cart allows merchants to customize the look of their shopping cart, as well as keep customers on their site throughout the checkout process.
  • Mobile Processing: The Stax Pay mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows merchants to process payments through a mobile POS device. MPOS options include the BBPOS Chipper BT and Chipper 2X BT mobile card reader, both of which connect via Bluetooth and support EMV payments (the 2X model also supports Apple Pay), and the Dejavoo Z1 and Z9 readers. The mobile plan also includes access to other aspects of the Stax platform, such as invoicing and inventory.
  • Developer Tools: The Stax Payments API allows for easy integration for developers or businesses that want to use Stax for processing but have their own custom software. Stax provides a JavaScript library for web payments and a mobile SDK for iOS and Android. For merchants who would prefer to integrate with terminals rather than going mobile, Stax offers an API for Dejavoo terminals. The invoice function will also direct customers to a Stax-hosted site so merchants can skip handling their customers’ card data altogether.

Stax Pay Software Suite

The Stax Pay integrated payments platform, formerly known as Omni Fattmerchant, centralizes all of merchants’ transactional information, among other features. Below are features included in the platform (at no additional charge):

  • Web Portal: The Stax Pay centralized web portal gives users all of the information about all of the Stax services they are currently using, all in one place. According to customer reviews, the dashboard is simple and easy to use.
  • Inventory Management: Stax Payments offers a functional inventory management system with inventory tracking and a centralized catalog. Though it lacks barcode or SKU support, Stax inventory management offers merchants the following features and capabilities:

Item categories

  • Mark item as service
  • Low-stock alerts
  • Set discounts
  • Manage tax rates
  • Attach image files

  • Invoicing: Stax Payments allows merchants to send invoices from the mobile app or the virtual terminal. The Stax invoicing feature syncs with your customer database and item catalog to fill in key details. Users can also set recurring invoices and view all of their scheduled invoices at once.
  • Customer Database: With Stax Pay, merchants have access to their customer database, which allows them to keep track of important details such as purchase histories, invoices billed to the customer, preferred payment methods and any other data. Merchants are also able to store cards on file so they don’t have to ask for customers’ card information every time they make a purchase.
  • Reporting: Stax Payments also offers basic reporting features included with the Stax Pay software suite, at no extra charge. Stax reports allow users to view all the data from multiple sales channels within one report. Users will have access to reports on financial data, item sales and category, and projected inventory, among others. For more advanced reporting, merchants will need to pay for a more expensive subscription plan or add the advanced reporting add-on to their existing plan (for an additional $20 per month).

In addition to the company’s core products and services, Stax Payments offers a variety of add-on services and software packages for an additional cost, including digital gift card sales and issuance tools, online stores with one-click shopping carts, integration with QuickBooks and more.

The Best Stax Payments Processing Equipment?

Stax Payments supports numerous hardware options to allow merchants to accept in-person payments, including mobile card readers and countertop terminals. Stax also allows integrations with a variety of POS systems such as ShopKeep, Vend, Revel and more, at no additional cost. According to the company, Stax Payments supports more than 90% of third-party systems. While merchants are not able to integrate their own hosted website with Stax Payments, the payments solution can be integrated with several e-commerce platforms.

A positive of Stax Payments is that terminals are included in their subscription plan at no additional charge, so merchants do not need to purchase or lease a terminal to get started. Protections plans are available for each device, ranging from $9 to $29 per month. Protection plans for terminals will cover any replacements and upgrades needed.

Not all hardware options and POS integrations are readily available on the Stax Payments website, so merchants may need to contact the company for more details on equipment.

Payment: How Much Does Stax Charge? Any Extra Fees?

Stax Payments offers three all-in-one software packages:

Growth Plan

  • Starting At: $99/month
  • Free Terminal or Mobile Reader
  • ACH Processing
  • Free Surcharging Capabilities
  • Dashboards & Analytics (Lite)
  • Quick Payment /Backup Processing

Pro Plan

  • Starting At: $159/month
  • Digital Invoicing
  • Text2Pay Mobile Payments
  • Website-Hosted Payment Links
  • Securely Stored Customer Credit Cards on File
  • Accounting Reconciliation Lite Sync (includes QuickBooks® Online)
  • API Key Integration Capabilities
  • Enhanced Dashboards & Reporting

Ultimate Plan

  • Starting At: $199/month
  • Recurring Invoices & Scheduled Payments
  • Automatic Updates for Stored Credit Cards
  • One-Click Shopping Cart Setup with Catalog Management
  • Advanced Dashboards & Reporting
  • Data Exports (i.e. transactions, customers)
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Each subscription includes:

  • First $500,000 in annual processing*
  • 0% Markup on direct-cost interchange
  • 24/7 Support and online knowledge base

Merchants who need to process more than $500,000 annually must contact Stax Payments to get