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Instabill Review

Instabill Creates Legitimate Solutions for High Risk Merchants…..Gregory Bair

For Ecommerce Legitimate merchants, being considered high risk is part of the business. Rejection from Legitimate merchant processors can be frustrating, especially when many high risk processors offer exploitive or costly contracts. For this reason, finding a legitimate processor can be complicated. International Legitimate merchants can also receive biased treatment from credit card processors, leading to higher rates and fees.

Even for merchants who have been rejected for an account, Instabill is an established, credible and honest company that specializes in high risk processing needs for Ecommerce and international merchants. Instabill has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and is waiting to help, backed by the experience and understanding every merchant deserves.


Instabill is a merchant processor located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Company focuses on eCommerce businesses, and since 2001 has striven to help high risk merchants gain reliable credit-card processing services. Instabill also works with MOTO, retail, and low-risk clients, and remains a leader in high risk merchant processing. The Company website is www.instabill.com and appears to be well-maintained and attractively designed.

According to all accounts, Instabill has an excellent reputation for customer service. Only 1 complaint exists on the Better Business Bureau website in the last 3 years, and it was properly closed in the last 12 months. Any other complaints against the Company are dated back to 2010 and earlier, and are mostly focused on withheld payment, something that is a common problem for high risk merchants.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

Businesses that are considered high risk endure a strenuous rigmarole finding the right or any processing company. Many merchants may not immediately recognize that their business is considered high risk and apply to the wrong processors repeatedly. This can discourage business owners and lead to desperate decisions. Given the nature of these kind of businesses, many high risk processors take advantage of merchants by offering contracts with outrageous pricing, extra fees and sketchy services.

Instabill recognizes that eCommerce sites and international businesses need a reliable processor with exceptional fraud protection. The Company claims to work with each client on determining a fair pricing scheme, taking into account all the factors available. Higher pricing is expected for high risk businesses, but Instabill does not go out of its way to penalize merchants. Instead, the Company often approves businesses that would otherwise have been rejected by other respectable processors such as Durango Merchant Services.

Products and Services

Instabill operates in varying ways to meet consumer demand:

  • eCommerce
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • Retail
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Offshore & International Processing
  • High Risk Accounts
  • Shopping Carts


Instabill offers eCommerce accounts to merchants who have previously been declined or operate high risk businesses. For those merchants whom are eligible for a traditional eCommerce account, Instabill is ready to offer a higher service level.

Instabill also offers the following PCI compliant gateway services to their merchants:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Recurring Billing
  • POS Systems
  • Mobile Orders
  • Tech Support
  • Shopping Carts
  • Multiple merchant accounts

These benefits are also offered:

  • Quickbooks SyncPay
  • Batch Uploads & API Integration
  • Fraud Protection Tools
  • VbV & 3DSC
  • AVS & CBB Rule Matching

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)

This service is offered by Instabill to merchants for telemarking and direct mail campaigns.

Retail Merchants

With Instabill’s most basic Hypercom T4200 terminal, and their fastest IP-enabled terminals, they have the right equipment for a retail merchant’s card swiping needs. They also have wireless terminals available for use by merchants.

Fraud Protection

Instabill fights to protect each of its clients from fraud. It is imperative for all merchants to receive strong fraud protection, especially merchants categorized as high risk. If a transaction is deemed fraudulent, the merchant takes the loss on both the cost of the goods or services, and from a processor penalty. If more than 1% of sales results in chargebacks, the merchant’s account is terminated, which can force a merchant out of business. The merchant may even be placed on the TMF list, preventing them from procuring any account, even high risk.  These laws are in place for the protection of customers, not the merchants. The merchant must protect their business from fraud.

Instabill offers fraud protection to their merchants by:

  • Verifying telephone orders
  • Checking an historical database of fraudulent customers
  • Using an Address Verification System (AVS)
  • Blocking certain customers

Rates and Fees

According to the website, fees could be as low as 2.2% “for qualifying merchants.” Instabill will not disclose any other rates or fees, as there is no fair way to standardize them. A merchant should call and negotiate their rates and fees based on their exact business type, history and other factors. It is expected that high risk merchants be charger higher rates and fees than average and will be subject to an early termination fee.

Contract Terms

Instabill does not advertise their contract terms because they are not standardized. A different combination of terms will be offered to different merchants, dependent on location, riskiness, and many other fair factors. Negotiation is possible. The Company does claim that they will consider international merchants, lack of processing history, no volume caps, multi-currency accounts, bad credit history, and virtual terminal access. They also appear to consider clients that may have been rejected by other processing companies due to the riskiness associated with their business.

Customer Service

The lack of negative reviews is incredibly good at establishing a good customer service expectation. Since opening in 2001 and maintaining hefty amount of clients worldwide, only 1 complaint is listed on the BBB website in the last 3 years. Other than the BBB website, little complaints exist from customers after 2010. It would be normal for a high risk merchant processor to accumulate a few complaints simply because of the nature of the business. Instabill’s customer service is more than competent and works to resolve any and all issues relating to the Company.

Technical Support

Instabill staffs in-house technical support who has also received great reviews.

Reviews / Testimonials

There are no reviews posted on the BBB website, positive or negative. However, GlassDoor.com has 10 employee reviews listed. Overall, former or current employees gave 3.5 stars to the Company, 61% would recommend Instabill to a friend, and 54% approve of the CEO.


The Instabill profile on the BBB site has an A+ rating for their business, but Instabill is not an accredited business. Only 1 complaint is listed, but it has been resolved in the last 12 months. This complaint was categorized as being about billing and collection issues.

Closing Thoughts

Instabill appears to be uniquely special as a merchant processor. In an industry denoted by shady companies out to exploit merchants, Instabill rises above as a processor that values merchants and works hard to find optimal and legitimate payment solutions for each client. Their pricing and contracts are fairly based on the merit and background of each individual merchant, and avoid categorizing high risk merchants with a one-size-fits-all moniker to dictate the contract template.

With a professional sales team, excellent customer service, and exceptional technical services, Instabill is a good choice for eCommerce and international merchants. Call them today!