Banks Closing High Risk Accounts: BCR Can Provide New Solutions

Updated on November 22, 2021

Merchants that are deemed high risk in the payment industry have a tough enough time finding a decent merchant account but recently banks have been closing down accounts even if they’re in good standing with the banks. If you have an online business or E-commerce merchant account, there’s a good chance we’re talking about you and if a bank is closing your merchant account, it could not only affect your cash flow but also bring distress to employees and even worse, your customers.

What can you do if your account has been closed by a bank? There’s always the good old search engine that can take you in about a million places that you really don’t have the time, effort or patience to research or you can work with a company that has already done all the research and will steer you down the right path from the start. BCR is in fact the expert in the field of high risk merchant accounts.

BCR, or does extensive research of the best high risk merchant accounts and only recommends the high risk providers that have passed our extensive criteria, has a good track record with verifiable testimonials and positive results. Our processors will help get you the merchant account, work with you on charge backs and fraudulent transactions, get you reasonable rates and put you on the right track so your business can flourish and prosper.

Even if you’re new to high risk, already have an existing account or just in need of a high risk merchant account, you really owe it to yourself and company to try BCR.

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